Things You Need to Prepare Before Your First Trip Abroad

Travelling abroad is perhaps one of the things you have on your bucket list. It’s a great experience to explore a foreign country, meet new people, and try a lot of crazy activities. However, travelling to an unfamiliar place can also be a daunting experience. Hence, it’s crucial to make a few preparations. Below are the key things you need to work on before your scheduled trip abroad.

Make sure you have the necessary travel documents

Before you start booking your flights and hotels, you should prepare your travel documents first. Find out if you need to secure a travel visa to enter the country you want to visit. You should also ensure that you have a valid passport with you. It should be valid for at least six months. If not, have it renewed right away.

Prepare your medicine and supplements

If you have an illness or special health condition, don’t forget to bring your medicine or health supplements. You can order prescription travel packs via websites like Put them in your carry-on bag to avoid losing them. Also, it’s highly recommended to bring medical certificates, especially if you use pacemakers or if you have had any operations.

Don’t forget to take the necessary immunizations, especially if you’re headed to countries affected by certain diseases such as dengue and malaria.

Double-check the weather and situation in your destination

It’s crucial to know what you should expect from the country you’re visiting. Research about their weather and climate so you can pack the right clothing and accessories. It also pays to check travel warnings issued by the embassy. As much as possible, avoid going to countries that have long-term issues.

Buy the right travel insurance policy

You never know what might happen abroad, so it’s highly recommended to buy a travel and medical insurance policy. This will help you avoid paying for hefty medical costs if you ever get admitted abroad. The right insurance policy will also help you avoid additional costs of rebooking flights in case your trip gets cancelled.

Be mindful of the traditions and customs of the country you’re visiting

If you’re planning to visit a conservative destination like Saudi Arabia and Dubai, you should avoid packing revealing clothes such as tank tops and mini skirts. Also, take note of offensive behaviour to avoid angering the locals. There are plenty of travel blogs that detail their experience while visiting a foreign place.

If you have enough preparation time and if you genuinely want to enjoy your trip, you should consider learning the language of the locals. Alternatively, you can try packing a phrasebook so you can say basic words like “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Thank you” and “Help”. A little preparation goes a long way!

It can be a bit scary to fly to a completely unfamiliar destination. However, with a bit of planning and preparation, surely you can avoid dealing with major issues that might ruin your vacation. When in doubt, go through the tips and tricks enumerated above one more time before you finally board the plane to your target destination.

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