Reasons to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

When we move about our daily lives and feel quite happy about it, we usually stay within our comfort zone. This term designates a mental state which makes us content. But the comfort zone restricts our development powers. People who mean to take on new conditions and improve their skills can’t do it very well if they don’t quit it. Read on about the reasons to step outside your comfort zone!

Why is it so tough to leave your comfort zone?

Staying within the bounds of your comfort zone, you don’t want to alter a thing. You are not stressed, you fulfil your wishes, you realize that everything is going well. Naturally you want this state of things to linger on.

The same goes for your brain that deals with everyday motions successfully, therefore seeing no need to exert itself unnecessarily to break fresh ground and adapt to new circumstances.

But when you leave your comfort zone you find yourself in a position of some stress. Stress in moderate amount is good for boosting your energy, creativity, ability to handle things. Also, it teaches you to work out healthy response to stress.

Effecting changes may require quite a lot of effort, both emotional and mental, and you may discover that your brain isn’t helping you any!

Ensure that you have everything necessary for personal growth

Through growing you accrue power. By stepping out of your comfort zone on a regular basis you are certain to acquire fresh experiences, new abilities, widen your professional network and make new friends. At times it may seem rather frightening going, but you will find it definitely worth your while when counting the benefits.

You will reap the harvest of a fuller lifestyle

Life is almost always fuller than you imagine it: it encompasses all the experiences you have gone through, even though you are pat to dwell only on pleasant ones. Still, all of them contribute to your growth.

Study Yourself

As you make a habit of leaving your comfort zone, you will begin learning new facts about different aspects of your nature. More obvious would be factors that trigger various feelings in you, fear, worry, happiness. Your reactions and responses will become more refined and will give you fresh food for thought about yourself.

You may find new activities that will attract you

There must be quite a lot of things that you have missed. If you allot time to try something new you may get engrossed into unfamiliar but exciting activities.

You will develop self-assertiveness

While your confidence and assertiveness will be getting stronger, you will see how it is going to influence your whole life. Quitting the comfort zone is sure to increase your bravery and awaken new abilities. By the same token you will become more self-confident. You are apt to discover your own roads which will lead you to your individual goals, roads that are unique, befitting for you only. As you grow in power your goals may also start developing, surprising you with their new potency.

Your brain will be more adaptable

As you deal with challenges and facers of various kinds, your brain gets shaken to more strident activity becoming stronger in the process. Scientists aver that such an activity is very beneficial for the brain helping it remain young.

Your taking the leap will give you gratification

Stepping beyond the comfort bounds definitely counts as an accomplishment, so you are likely to start adding feathers to your hat as your courageous habit grows.

You don’t get stuck at mediocrity

Never venturing beyond your comfort zone, you are bound to stick with good old familiar situations that are awfully mediocre, if the truth is to be told. Meanwhile, life becomes much more exciting with every overcome challenge and every experience that helped you tap your inner resources. Not only your knowledge widens and your abilities sharpen, but also your comfort zone has its boundaries stretched out.

With each milestone, the going will be smoother and faster

Success is an infectious phenomenon – owing to greater experience and more powerful confidence you may achieve higher levels of success each time around.

You’ll deal with change better

All major changes are waiting for you outside your comfort zone – so if you wish to handle changes skillfully, create them and moderate them, you will learn it through abnegating comfort. You know that life always requires changing. Your every transition is bound to take you a level higher than before because you can work with changes.

You’ll get marked out by superiors

People who can tackle the facers and don’t seem to mind the risk can well stand out among their coworkers. Their personal qualities will make them eligible to climb up the career ladder.If you are independent, judicious risks can bring in a higher income.

The truth is, complete failure doesn’t occur so often

Yes, an abject failure is a comparatively rare thing; you can actually bank on success accompanied by development and good experience. Struggle makes you more resourceful and resolved to experiment and, consequently, grow. As you keep your growth in sight you don’t think about the possibility of a bad outcome.

Besides, you are highly likely to discover possibilities that you haven’t even suspected the existence of.

If you find yourself in a totally new situation, you may have such a lot of new experiences that your lifestyle and your opinions can undergo radical alterations. The world is so large it has much more in store!

So, before you step outside your comfort zone, remember that:

  • Although you may get hurt, it won’t be fatal. Tune your attitude so that you will get healed faster and take some pain with good grace.
  • When people get on edge with a case of nerves, they may believe everyone is watching them closely. It is rarely the case; others do not maintain a close interest in you personally.
  • Many other people also feel unnerved; don’t think you are alone when you are upset. It is a natural common reaction.
  • The worst-case scenario is rare. Things are bound to come out better than your fears make out.
  • Those who succeed while you are trying to escape from challenging situations are generally no less worried than you are and probably not so gifted.

Allow for some stress and worry in your life: they will only make you healthier. Those who never venture outside their comfort zones seeking only the maintenance of easy life cannot even imagine how much they lose. They don’t see the bigger perspective with all its boundless possibilities for personal development, initiating changes, career promotion; they are going to miss out on opportunities of learning more about themselves and making their life more fulfilled and more satisfactory.

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