Paint by Number Kits for Adults Explained


Haven’t you seen hundreds of photographs with beautifully painted pictures on Instagram with a hashtag #paint_by_number or something like that? Thousands of people all over the world are sharing their masterpieces online already for a while. But what is it? Who are they? And what is the meaning behind the hashtag?

You will be surprised, but those people are not professionals. They don’t draw pictures for a living. They are of different age, sphere, and occupation. So, how do they manage to create such professional looking paintings? Here’s where the hashtag paintbynumber in all of its variations comes. The secret to creating like a pro is in a special drawing kit, which includes everything needed for completing a painting along with the instructions to follow. Interested?

Explanation of Painting by Numbers

If you have always dreamt of becoming a professional artist, but feel like you have too little talent or time for that, then painting by numbers is the ideal solution for you.

Probably, all of us have ever dreamt of creating something similar to “The Persistence of Memory” by Dali or “Starry Night” by Van Gogh. Of course, not all people are talented enough or have enough patience to create masterpieces. Even if it is impossible to create like Dali or Van Gogh, you can try the efforts and create wonderful pictures without spending hours, days, and years on education. How? By using a paint by number kit.

Painting by numbers is a process of creating a picture using a board with indicated areas to paint. Each of those areas has a number and a corresponding numbered acrylic paint to use. So, you just have to take all the pieces of a painting set and follow the instructions provided. Generally, a painting kit consists of:

  • High-quality canvas;
  • Brushes;
  • Numbered acrylic paint collection;
  • And instructions.

Additionally, some kits can have a wood frame, screws, and angles.

Even if you have never drawn anything except a tree or a cat before, you will create a breathtaking seaside village or a field of horses from the very first try using a painting by numbers kit only. Even if the painting looks difficult, it becomes easier the moment you open up the kit. The numbered canvas and the collection of numbered paint make it easy even for a kid to create a masterpiece fast.

Painting kits will be interesting both for adults and children. So, if you’re looking for some great activity to share with your kids, you can order a painting kit and try it together. The number of pictures you can choose from is huge – animals, landscapes, places, people, etc. Don’t worry, you will definitely find something appropriate as well.

Create an exhibition of your own paintings directly in your house. Invite friends and family members to join your activity too. A painting by numbers kit is a great idea for a birthday or Christmas party. Or present it as a unique and extraordinary gift to your children, parents, or friends.