Modular Sofa Vs. 3 Piece Suite

The vintage combination of a couch and a couple of chairs has always been a fixture of the home design world. Such is the everlasting charm of this vintage look that it has become a mainstay of interior decor for many decades. On the other hand, in recent years as houses have become more contemporary in fashion a brand-new craze towards modular living has become popular which is challenging the 3-piece suite as the normal lounge arrangement. Having said that, as we can see, it’s under no circumstances the case that modular couches are compatible with every single home. So, if you’re evaluating your choices, listed below are some tips for exactly what to look for with both plans:

1. Interior Ambiance

The obvious difference between modular couch arrangements and 3-piece suits is their different interior designs. The 3-piece suite has usually become a huge hit because it provides synchronized stability and chair which is both attractive to the eye as well as synchronous to your mind. On the other hand, it’s also a hard and fast formal design delineating space between the furnishings themselves which is then changed with the surrounding setting. In contrast, modular sofas work most effectively in casual, open plan areas as their versatile arrangement and modern feel enhance a far more fashionable and calm setting. As a rule of thumb if you’re looking for a traditional, conventional style then choose a 3-piece suit.

2. Total capacity

The single most frequently reported good reasons why people choose modular couch is that they provide extra size making them ideal for people who want to hang out in large groups. On the other hand, in several ways, this is a misconception of exactly what is possible when it comes to a 3-piece suite. According to your chosen height and width of the sofa and regardless of whether you add to your purchase with ottoman bar stools, there is no answer why you cannot support the same amount of people in the exact same sq. footage with both arrangements. In fact, modular couches can often be less versatile because they are larger and deeper as compared to standard, so be sure you consider all the alternatives in terms of capacity.

3. Versatility

When it comes to versatility, modular couches win the debate without a doubt. Naturally versatile, buying a modular couch means you can easily decide to improve and reorganize the family room arrangement for no matter what feeling or event you want. Having a 3 piece suite, you’ll always be tied to the particular items of furnishings you buy. On the other hand, it’s surprising how many people who buy a modular sofa hardly ever change the arrangement from their desired style, so do not rule out selecting a normal corner couch if you are interested in the traditional L shape arrangement again and again. So keep in mind that the versatility is very important when it comes buying a modular sofa or a three piece suite.