12 John Rockefeller’s Money Saving Tips

John Davidson Rockefeller is the first dollar billionaire in history, so it makes sense to listen to his words. Below you will see some valuable tips from the legendary businessman.


  1. Less work for someone else. The less you work for yourself, the worse you live. Such work is associated with the word “slavery”!
  2. Save money. Look where you can buy goods cheaper or wholesale. Plan the shopping list in advance and buy only what is on the list.
  3. If you have a little money, it is necessary to start a business. If there is no money at all, it is necessary to start a business immediately! Right now!
  4. The path to great wealth lies only through passive income! This is the income that comes to you regardless of your efforts. Create a source of passive income and live for fun! Passive income is the income from investment that should be repaid; it should not require investing more money over and over again to maintain it. For example, if the car is used only for simple transportation, it will bring no passive income. But if you buy a car and use it to earn money, then the car will generate passive income.
  5. Think about how to earn a minimum of $50,000 per month. You may earn more. You are not allowed to earn less! This figure has been recommended by Rockefeller because of the fact that the richest people in our world spend no more than $ 50,000 a month.
  6. Money comes to you via other people. Talk! Unsociable people rarely become rich.
  7. Poor environment almost always pulls you into poverty. Even very rich people will always have their family, friends and other petitioners. If you do not get rid of them professionally, they will quickly rob you of the money, goals and dreams. If you are still a poor man, it is likely that the people surrounding you simply do not like, do not respect, and some even hate rich people. You have to always deal with Optimists and Winners. That’s right, they are written with a capital letter –
  8. Optimists and Winners!
  9. Poverty occurs if you avoid responsibility. Do not find excuses for yourself – why can’t you start reaching your goals?
  10. Dreams are the most important thing in your life! Prove you are a professional and turn your dream into a business program; realize it to get the best results! Each professionally designed program must contain all the calculation to attain the most complete desired result. It is only this way that dreams come true!
  11. Help people selflessly, from the heart! But only those whom you want to help. Give 10% of profits to charity.
  12. Create business systems and enjoy the money you have earned.
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