How to Plan the Perfect Girls’ Weekend Getaway

Getting the girls together for a girls’ weekend can sometimes feel like a mythical quest – the experience is somewhat of a unicorn if you will. With such hectic work schedules and things like partners and kids getting in the way, real life often doesn’t allow you to just catch a break. But it does happen once in a while. And when it does? You’d better be ready!

Where To Go?

Here in the States, it’s not exactly possible to just hop across to a different country in your car… but thankfully, that’s why planes were invented. There are plenty of ideas of places to go, including staying in the good old US of A, and obviously, they all depend on what you’re looking for. However, two of the most popular locations include Las Vegas and New York. Or, for something a little different and to experience some of that good old Southern hospitality, why not check out New Orleans?

What To Do?

Let’s talk about Vegas. Everyone knows exactly what it’s famous for, and you and the girls are going to do it all, you betcha! Whether it’s indulging in enough buffet dinners to feed an elephant, sipping one too many cocktails at a pool party, or dropping a hefty wedge at the casinos, Vegas has it all. Let’s just talk about that last one, for a second, though. You don’t just want to waltz in not knowing what you’re doing – nope, you’re going to want to practice that poker face. Nope, that doesn’t (just) involve listening to Gaga on repeat, but you can get some real life practice in online, too. You can easily prepare by playing classic casino games; and online casino BitCasino even offers Queen of Gold, to let you try on your new name for size for when you return rich. Obviously!

Vegas not really your scene? New York is equally vibrant, in a totally different way. Of course, to be the ULTIMATE girls on vacay, you’re going to want to do the Sex and The City tour (even if it is rather embarrassing to admit to). Coupled with the amazing shops, cocktail bars and restaurants you’ll be able to check out, you’ll leave feeling closer to the girls.
If you’re heading down to NOLA, you’ve come to a party place – but there’s also some absolutely incredible food, too. You can’t leave without sampling Creole cuisine, ‘Po’ Boy’ sandwiches, or a hearty BBQ. Of course, there’s also a wealth of culture in the city, and walking around will give a rather refreshing European feel.

Planning Ahead

These days, there are so many resources out there for you to ensure that you have the best time when undertaking any form of travel. As women travellers, there can be extra questions that you might have, so you might want advice from someone who’s more experienced at getting away. Alternatively, you might be able to learn from other girls who’ve been exactly where you want to be. There are loads of blogs out there, but increasingly, there are more and more travel collectives, too. Empowering women seems to be the aim of the game, and that can only be a good thing. One such initiative is Girls Love Travel – a movement which can give you everything from restaurant recommendations to help if you ever get into a sticky situation. It’s all based on member contributions, so once you’re done, you can even add your own tips, too.

Now all that’s left to do is get out there, and see the world! Well, at least a new part of the USA.

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