House and Land Packages – Plotting Your Next Purchase

Whether you’re a virtuoso property owner, or a long-time renter/first-home buyer, you’ve probably toyed with the idea of buying a plot of land and building your own home from scratch. But as the majority of us probably aren’t contractors, this has simply been a pipedream, an idealistic fantasy inspired by Christmas ‘gingerbread engineering’. Even so, if you’re still interested in building your own home, there is now a way that you can quite easily achieve this vision. How? House and land packages in Sydney have been making the media rounds lately, for being one of the most cost-effective ways that Sydney residents can ensure they’ll be making a solid investment. There are a number of reasons for this, which we’ll be unpacking for you right here.

1.Ready-Made Suburbs

When you purchase a plot of land within an estate, you’re basically signing up to be a member of a brand new community. Not only will you be able to create your home with the support of a reputable building agency, but you’ll be guaranteed that your property will be situated in a location with optimum connectivity. As estates are usually meticulously designed, public amenities like parks, sporting fields and other green spaces, and public transport, as well as supermarkets and town centres, will most likely be in close proximity to you.

2. Savings

Buying a pre-existing property can position you to be spending a lot more than you might be prepared for. From building valuation and inspections, property consultants, legal fees, and finally the dreaded stamp duty, the upfront costs of buying property go far past a 10% deposit. Even with the First Home Owner Grant as well as the stamp duty concessions that are eligible to first-home buyers, upfront costs can be around $30,000 to even $60,000, and this isn’t even including your deposit on the actual price of the property. Contrary to this, when you’re building on an empty plot, you won’t need to worry about these surprise upfront costs.

You’ll also undoubtedly have more control over the overall costs of your proposed property, as your building agency will provide you with various cost-effective plans which will allow you to live in luxury for a little less. Some building agencies are equipped to offer you special packages for premium indoor or outdoor living, or both! The value of these opportunities cannot be understated. To buy property fully built and pay a fortune in various upfront costs, or design your own home with a building agency that offers premium features at only a fraction of the cost in comparison? It’s just a no brainer.

3. Custom Modern Living

Drawing off of the opportunity to obtain premium features, take a moment to think about every home you’ve ever lived in (that you haven’t designed yourself, of course). They’re generally older, with walls that might be too thin or too thick, doors that rattle during storms, awkward gaps in the wainscoting, a bedroom with a window that faces east and subsequently renders you blind every morning, and every single one potentially had a floor plan that you’ve thought to be ‘questionable’ to say the least. Not a single house you’ve lived in has felt perfect, and interior designing can only do so much if the atmosphere you’re looking to capture is limited by your space. Custom-building will not only make sure that your home is entirely fresh and rattle-free but that your abode has all the personal fixings you’ll need to no longer have to adapt to your surroundings. Your home should be a reflection of you and your family, and the beautiful thing about custom builds is that a lot of the time, they’re so perfectly designed that they become forever homes.

Sydney housing prices are currently facing a downward plummet and the reason why is simply because more homeowners are throwing in the towel with ‘settling’ for any property. More people are choosing to build with agencies rather than buy, and it’s not surprising in the slightest. As Sydney grows larger with every passing year, it only makes sense that every family has a home that they can call their very own.

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