7 Habits of People Who Make Friends Easily

15 minutes of taking a taxi are enough for your boyfriend to find out how much the driver earns, how much time he spends driving and which service is the most profitable one. Once you take him to a corporate event with you, he learns from eyewitnesses more than an interviewer with a degree in journalism.

Even at the age of 25, such people make friends as naturally as they did in the first 5 years of their life. This is a certain set of qualities rather than a talent. According to the clinical psychologist Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown, sociable people have a few features in common – for example, they like to take risks and are not afraid to be vulnerable. Here are a few habits of those who easily make friends.

1. They treat themselves well

The first person whom you must find a common language with is you. As a rule, sociable people are confident; they know what they want and do not hesitate to ask about it. To become a person like this, we really need to pay attention to how we talk to ourselves. Is your internal dialogue positive? How do you usually treat yourself – well or critically? If this is the second option, you will have to reconsider your self-esteem.

Remember: when you buy new shoes, spend a weekend watching your favorite TV show, drink a glass of wine at dinner or read our articles – you help yourself to love this world. Pay a little attention to your happiness and begin to treat others positively.

2. They seize the moment

Sociable people are not afraid to be here now. Sitting in a queue, taking a bus or standing in a noisy crowd, they do not need a phone to be separated from the world. Staying next to a stranger is an opportunity to start a new relationship rather than an embarrassing situation.

3. They talk with new people as if they are familiar

There is no better way to “be perceived as a friend” than to treat a new person as if you already know each other. Sociable people make others feel comfortable. How to do it? Be moderately frank and spontaneous, but do not go down to familiarity.

Do not be afraid to seem stupid or intrusive. If a person does not want to communicate, you just abandon the attempt. He will not send a signal to other inhabitants of the planet that it is better not to contact you. You will not have the inscription on your forehead saying that you are a “loser”.

4. Do not be afraid to ask questions

Those who have many friends are naturally curious. They are genuinely interested in people and are actively looking for something in common. Each of us likes to talk about himself, so attention from the outside is always attractive. The problem is not that you are not interested in anything. The problem is that you are embarrassed to ask questions to strangers.

5. They like to try new things

Sociable people are not afraid to leave the comfort zone. They find it simple to go to a concert or a theater without a company, they have no complexes about dining in a cafe alone. To make friends as an adult, it is important to be open to new experiences. Join a tour group and try rafting down the river, attend dancing classes, and look for those who share your hobbies.

6. They often smile

What we often forget is that it is important what and how we say. People who smile a lot seem more attractive and friendly to others. Sometimes a smile is all you need to make friends. Do not forget about non-verbal signals which each of us subconsciously reacts to.

7. They really want to make new friends

To make friends with someone, you do not need to be a certain type of person. A conscious desire is enough. An adult may find it difficult to admit that he does not have enough friends, but there is nothing strange or shameful about this. If you get at least a few of these habits, you will realize that finding new friends is much easier than it seems.

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