Grandparents: 10 Outings to Do with Your Grandchildren

Grandparents are often known for bonding with their grandkids by buying them things or making them clothes like girls cardigans. However, grandparents can also participate in numerous fun activities to bond with their grandkids. Going on outings is a great bonding opportunity. Below are some outing ideas for grandparents and grandkids.

1. Picnics

Picnics are the easiest way for grandparents and grandkids to bond. Planning a picnic is as easy as preparing your grandkid’s favorite snacks and dishes and going to a park or your backyard for some outdoor activities.

2. Trips to the national park

You can also take your grandkids on outings to the nearest national parks, where they can participate in a wide range of outdoor activities. This is a great way for the kids to learn and have fun.

3. Fishing outings

Fishing is also a great activity for grandparents and grandkids. You can take your grandkids on fishing outings in the right weather for some educational fun.

4. Sporting outings

If you have grandkids into sports and sporting activities, then sporting activities would be a perfect outing idea. This way, they can enjoy their favorite activities and keep healthy at the same time.

5. Outdoor walks

Outdoor walks also count as outings that grandparents and their grandkids can enjoy. You can take your grandkids on walks around their estate or compound if you have a large compound.

6. Swimming

Swimming is also a great outing option for grandparents and grandkids. Swimming is a healthy and fun sport that most grandkids will enjoy. You can couple the swimming outing with a pool-side picnic.

7. Farm visits

Farms host seasonal activities throughout the year. You can take your grandkids to activities like pumpkin patches, berry picking, and other fun and educational activities at the farm.

8. Beach outings

Outings to the beach are also incredible bonding experiences for grandparents and grandchildren. Beach outings are great for sunny days. You can pack their favorite snacks, refreshing drinks, and blankets for sitting on. Do not forget boys or girls cardigans for when it gets windy and sunscreen to protect them.

9. Zoo outings

Outings to the Zoo would also make perfect outdoor activities for grandparents and grandchildren. No matter how many times your grandkids have been to the zoo, it will never get boring as there is always something to see and learn.

10. Library outings

Outings to the library are great for older kids who have learned to read and write. You can take them to book readings, signings, and other fun activities hosted by your local library. Many libraries have kids’ sections where they can participate in plenty of fun activities like games, arts, puzzles, and puppets. This is a great way to teach your grandkids something new.


The trick to having the best times on such outings with grandkids is picking a place or activity that your grandchildren love. Dressing them in the right clothing can also enhance the experience. For instance, when visiting a farm, a pair of boots and comfortable clothing would be perfect. This way, the grandkids enjoy the activities without any limitations. Choosing the right time for the outings would also help.

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