My Favorite Ways to Cook Eggs

Aside from their health values with their rich source of protein and low amounts of fat, eggs are delicious and they are also incredibly flexible when it comes to cooking them. As strange as it sounds, I spent a few weeks last summer doing a bit of experimentation with cooking eggs and tried to improve my skills a little. First I went to grab a load of eggs from my local supplier Norco Ranch and then set away with a few recipe book stop improve my skills. There are so many ways in which you can cook eggs, and here are my favorites.


The most difficult but by far the most beautiful to eat are poached eggs, these are eggs that have been cooked in water and the result is a runny yolk and a soft, gooey white. There are lots of different methods for cooking poached eggs but the best I found is this. Have a pan of water and bring it to the boil, once the water is bubbling, use a utensil to move the water so that it is spinning around the pan, crack your egg into the center of the water and then remove the pan from the heat. The spinning motion will ensure that your egg stays together and after around 4 minutes, your egg will be perfectly cooked. Take care when removing it from the water so that it doesn’t break and hey-presto, you have a perfect poached egg.

Eggs in the Clouds

This beautiful way to cook eggs is a real crowd-pleaser and will give you the chance to really show your friends and your family that you can cook. Separate the golf from the white to begin with and whisk the whites until the form soft peaks. Pre-heat your oven to around 210 degrees and place some baking paper on to a tray, spoon the white of your egg on to the paper and form a small hole in the middle then bake for 10 minutes. Remove the tray and place the yolk of the egg inside the hole which you’ve made, bake for a further 10 minutes and then serve your beautifully soft and tasty eggs in the clouds.


Soft-boiled eggs are served in the shell and have a lovely runny center, perfect for dipping some sourdough bread. The best methods to cook these eggs varies greatly from recipe book to recipe book and from chef to chef but I think I’ve cracked the best way of doing so, no pun intended. Place your egg in the water whilst it is still cold, prior to doing so you should place a small hole in the egg with a pin, this will allow the heat to escape and avoid cracked egg in the pan. Once the water comes to the boil, leave it for 3 minutes and then remove your egg. Leave the egg for around 2 or 3 minutes before you remove the top and the result will be a delicious, runny egg for you to enjoy.

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