Dreading the Start of Winter – Tips that Will Help You Embrace the Season

This time of year is one that can often feel bittersweet to people. Summer becomes a memory, fall arrives, and with that comes the change in scenery and temperatures. While many are happy to embrace the crispness of fall, the gorgeous changing colors, and the change in wardrobe, everyone knows that lurking in the shadows is winter.

If you’re the type that isn’t exactly a fan of cold weather, then you are likely in denial right now. You’re aware of what’s coming, but in no way, shape, or form are you willing to accept it. Rather than go through yet another winter where you feel miserable, cooped up indoors, and just counting down the days until spring, why not look for ways to embrace the season and find some positives. To help you out we’ve gone ahead and put together some tips that can make things a lot easier.

Take Up a Winter Sport

One common complaint that people have in winter is the feeling of being trapped indoors. You can start to go a little stir-crazy with all that pent up energy. In the summer it seems easy to get outside, take part in activities and sports, and be active. The thing is that winter offers the same sorts of opportunities if you open your mind to them. This is exactly why it could be wise to take up a winter sport.

There are, of course, the traditional sports of downhill and cross-country skiing, but this can be a big time and money commitment if you’re new to the sports. One that can seem a bit less intimidating, and cheaper, is ice skating. All you need is a pair of properly fitting ice skates and an optional helmet and you’re good to go. Riedell Skates have long since been known as some of the best figure skates out there, and thanks to their durable construction, these aren’t items you’ll need to replace yearly.

Indulge in Some Home Cooking

Winter is also the perfect time of year to get creative in the kitchen and indulge in some home cooking. In the hot and humid summer months, typically the last thing you feel like doing is turning on the oven to cook a big meal, but in the winter, it helps to make the house feel more cozy and welcoming. Some of the best dishes to try are slow cooker meals, which are not only easy to make but allow for a lot of versatility in the ingredients you use.

Make Sure You Get Your Share of Vitamin D

Another tip is to make sure you are still getting your daily dose of vitamin D in the form of sunshine. Sure, the days are shorter so this isn’t always easy, but even if you can get 15 minutes of direct sunlight per day, you’ll feel a huge difference physically and mentally.

If you find it hard to get those 15 minutes of natural sunlight in, you can always look into artificial sun lamps.

The Season Doesn’t Have to Be All Bad

By using these tips, you’ll find that the winter season doesn’t have to be all bad and in fact, you may even find yourself enjoying it this year.

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