The Best Fun Activities for Kids

Do your kids usually complain about being bored at home? Kids are always dynamic and active. They simply love to have fun! So, if there is nothing else to do at home, they are quickly bored. Wondering how to make it fun for them? Below are some of the best fun activities that you can create for your kids.

Treasure Hunt

Do you have a large house with many rooms? It is the perfect setting for a treasure hunt! Kids normally love to hide objects, sometimes in very secret spots in the house. Use your creativity and write up a few clues on a piece of paper. Using these clues, your kids have to hunt for a treasure by running around the house.

Get the game going by placing the first clue somewhere easy to find. Next, leave as many hints as you like in different places around the house. Also, think of a prize that you would like to give them if they succeed in finding the treasure. The type of prize or treasure is of your choice. You can also place coins in different spots, which they would love to add to their piggy banks afterwards.

Pencil and Paper Games

Do you know that you can create games using only a pencil and paper? There are so many pencil and paper games that can be played! One of them is Tic Tac Toe. Draw a 3×3 grid in which you and your child will take turns marking the empty spaces with either X or O. If one of you succeed in completing a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of X or O, he/she wins.

Another game is Dots and Boxes, that can be played between 2 players. It consists of an empty grid of dots where 2 players take turns adding a single horizontal or vertical line between two separate adjacent dots. The one who completes the 4th side of a 1×1 box wins 1 point and takes another turn. The game ends when no more lines can be drawn. If you have more than one kid, let them have their dose of fun among themselves while you enjoy equally exciting games like online slots at Lucky Pants Bingo. Indeed, these games let the kids stay calm and alone on their own, while you can have your little dose of fun while playing the different games like slots, bingo or casino games at Lucky Pants Bingo!

Hide and Seek

Make your kids discover the classic hide and seek game! Cover your eyes and count loudly as your kids run off to find a hiding place in the house. When your count ends, uncover your eyes and start looking for them. When you find the last hider, he/she is the next one to cover his/her eyes and count again.

Sometimes, kids insist on playing hide and seek in the dark for more fun. So, make sure there are no loose items lying on the floor or ensure that the one who has to find the hiders carry a flashlight. For more excitement, you can also call them out by their names while looking for them and if they reply by mistake, you already have an idea where they are!

Movie Time

Nothing better than movies to pass the time! Even if you are a very creative mom, sometimes you have to resort to movies to keep the kids busy. Always keep some DVDs of their favourite cartoons or movies handy, especially when they are on school holidays. They can spend hours watching cartoons and animated or comedy movies. Films based on family and kids are great too. Some movies that they can watch are Zootopia, Garfield, The Jungle Book or Beethoven.

Board Games

A great way to keep your kids busy is to play board games with them. Today, hundreds of board games exist! Pick any one that your kids love and spend hours of great fun with him/her. One of these games is Ludo, meant for 2 to 4 players. Take turns to roll a single dice and race your 4 tokens from start to finish on a colourful board.

Monopoly is another entertaining board game. It can be played among 2 to 8 players and consists of a board with spaces named after streets. As you move on the board, you have your own token. When you pass the Go space, collect £200. The game also includes a pair of dice and play money. Have the most play money at the end of the game to be the winner.

These are but some fun activities that you can create for your kids. With your creativity and wittiness, you can come up with several other ideas to keep your kids busy when they are at home.

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