7 Good Questions to Ask Your Future Self


It may seem hypothetical to ask your future self a few questions, it may even sound silly. Many of us do feel depressed and feel that we are stuck in life without a clear path to choose. It may be difficult to decide what is right and what would suit us in the long run. Life is too short to stay at war with ourselves and people around us. To make the right choices, we sometimes need a little push, a guiding hand that shows the right way.

If you were to take a mental trip to the future and see your future self, what would you ask him or her? Most probably, he or she would not face the same challenges that you face right now. The best psychic may help you get answers to life’s biggest questions. Here are 7 good questions that you must ask your future self if you ever get the chance!

1. Are you healthy?

You should ask yourself if you are listening to your body. If you bulldoze over the feelings of the mind, you may miss the chance to enjoy happy thoughts. The right way to stay healthy is to listen to your body. A person who listens to his or her body stays healthy and fit compared to one who doesn’t. Staying healthy is important as you have no meaning without your physical body being healthy.

2. Have you found your interests in life?

When you are young, you may not really understand what interests you best. As times goes by, most of us understand what suits us best and what we really like to do with our lives. It is an ideal question to ask your future self to help you plan your present life in the way that suits your future. Giving more chances to your dreams and overcoming your fears is the basic of realizing one’s dreams.

3. What is your take about getting settled in life?

At every point in life, our goals keep changing. A future self may not have the same goal in life. You may not even think in the same way as you think today. The opinions change big-time as you gain more experience with life. Today, if you think getting settled in life is all about starting your job, tomorrow it would be marriage. Ask your future self what getting settled in life means.

4. How do you accept yourself and people around you?

Tolerance comes with maturity in the mind. When you are able to accept people around you as they are, you have grown up mentally. Seeing how your future self-accepts others and oneself helps a lot. If you ignore your inner voice and kept listening to people around you, you may feel that you are stuck in life.

5. What are your priorities in life?

The beauty of life is that your priorities keep changing. When you are a kid, gaining attention would be your top priority. when you are a child, it changes to gaining popularity. It again changes to get more friends, finding a girlfriend, getting a job, getting married and so on. You would realize that what seemed very important today may seem unimportant tomorrow. You need to trust the future to understand your life better. Acceptance helps in tackling life’s most difficult problems.

6. Are you enjoying life?

It is important to know if you are happy with your future life in the future. A happy person is an asset to his community. When a person is feeling contented and happy, there is a lower chance for them to get into trouble with others.

When you are happy, you always would be spreading the happiness around you. Sometimes, you may think that doing something could make you happy like going on a holiday or a long break. If you get the chance to check out, you can find out if life is treating you well and keeping you contented.

7. Is my bank account decent?

Knowing about your financial status can help you feel relieved about future and reduce the anxiety of life in the future. With a decent bank account, you would have the peace to face your next day. Most often, people go to get their readings to check if they would improve financially. Getting a new job with a better pay has more chances to happen in the future and knowing it when you are younger could help motivate you to work hard.

Understanding the future is one among the important ideas that have lived for centuries. There have been kings and queens who have spent fortunes in understanding how future unfolds itself. Even today, thousands of people are interested in knowing what comes their way. With great expectations that the future holds, one can sustain any difficulties in the present life.