5 Reasons to Buy Your Ink or Toner Online

Picture this, you’ve just run out of ink and you have a whole report left to print. What do you do? Most people will hop in the car and drive to their local office supply store. That’s all well and good if there is a store nearby and it has competitive prices. However, the price you pay for this routine purchase can be high. Therefore it’s wiser to order online and in advance. That way you never have to wait for the delivery guy before you can print.

Most people have accepted that ink and toner are a necessary expense and just put up with it. Read on to find out 5 ways that buying ink and toner online can save you considerable time and money.

1. Online ordering saves you time

Perhaps the most obvious advantage is that you don’t need to leave your house to order your ink or toner. You can simply sit back, relax and order from the comfort of your home. Not only can you save time on travelling to the store, but most online stores will often be more consumer-friendly. This streamlined process will allow you to save more time. For example, If you have previously placed an order, you can simply access your account and quickly re-order your ink or toner.

This stops you from having to search for the empty ink cartridge or printer model for the cartridge number when you’re in a rush. Next day delivery is also becoming more commonplace online, so you’re not left waiting for long.

2. More choice available

Chances are your local store will stock the original brands such as HP, Brother, Canon and more. However, they are unlikely to carry entire ranges or rarer cartridges due to physical space limitations.

With an online store like 123ink.ie, they have a wide range of stock available. Not only do they offer originals at the lowest prices, but they also have a compatible version available typically with a higher yield and lower cost price. This would be unknown to you had you not been given the option or choice to choose an alternative.

For example, if we take a look at a popular Samsung toner cartridge and compare the costs savings you can get from choosing a 123ink branded cartridge over an original.

  • The MLT-D116S (SU840A) black toner (original Samsung) prints 1,200 pages
  • The MLT-D116S (SU840A) black toner (123ink version) prints 3,500 pages
  • That’s 2,300 more pages for less money, saving you 75% on printing costs!

The same goes for other popular printer brands such as HP, Canon, Epson, Brother and more. You can simply search by your printer model to find your suitable low-cost cartridges.

3. Online stores are easier to navigate

Gone are the days spent browsing aisle by aisle to find what you need. Not only is this a headache but it is also time-consuming, especially for a practical and routine purchase like ink or toner. Online stores are designed with the consumer’s convenience in mind. Many printer consumable stores have an easy to use search system where you can search by your printer model or by your cartridge number so you can quickly find what you need.

This saves you the time spent locating an item in-store or having to ask the store assistant for their help. You can easily compare available brands and product specifications, stock levels and prices from the convenience of your home or office with only a few clicks.

4. Printer accessories are all in the one place

If you have a laser printer, in particular, you’ll know there are a lot of parts. It’s not always as simple as replacing the toner cartridge. You might also need to replace the drum or need other maintenance parts. Likewise, if you have a colour laser or an inkjet printer, you’re more likely to find a cheaper deal on a multipack of printer cartridges online instead of buying them separately. You can quickly see all available options for your printer model in one place instead of going from aisle to aisle, or in some cases, to a second store.

5. Save money

Online stores typically can carry more competitive prices than brick and mortar stores due to the lower overhead costs. Buying ink and toner online gives you the chance to shop around and make sure you’re getting the lowest price on the market. You can consult online reviews to ensure you’ve found a trusted online supplier. Once you’ve found an ink or toner supplier you can trust, you can enjoy the convenience that online shopping provides and put those extra savings back into your pocket for a rainy day!

With these 5 reasons we have outlined, we hope you will enjoy the cost savings and convenience that shopping for your printer cartridges and toner online can provide.

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