5 Engagement Party Must-Haves To Kick Off The Celebrations

Finally! The time has come for your engagement party. Engagement parties are an exciting event where you get to celebrate your much-awaited marriage with friends, family and loved ones. A great engagement party is one where everyone gathers to celebrate your engagement and has an incredible time over amazing food, conversation and laughter. In today’s article, we look at 5 engagement party must-haves to kick off the celebrations. Read on to find out more great tips for an awesome engagement party – especially if you’re in Melbourne!

Say Cheese!

Whilst you may have hired a professional photographer for your wedding day, most people like to remain informal at their engagement party. This is where a hired photobooth can really come in handy. Photobooth hire in Melbourne is one of the most popular engagement party add-ons in 2019. A hired photo booth enables you and your guests to capture the fun and excitement at your engagement party and doubles up as a cool souvenir that friends and family can take home with them. Everyone loves a photo booth, and most photo booth hires today come with special hashtags that your friends and family can use when posting their photos up on social media. This allows everyone to have a look at photos online, where special memories can be stored for everyone to remember leading up to your big day.

Personalised Gifts

One of the most exciting things about weddings and engagements is personalised gifts. Personalised gifts don’t have to be limited to just your wedding – including them at your engagement party is a fantastic way of sending loved ones home with something that will remind them of your engagement for months to come. Some popular options for personalised gifts include scented candles, personalised glassware, coasters and chocolate boxes. You can acquire these personalised favours online through websites such as Etsy that specialise in unique, handcrafted items that you will be able to customise to your liking. Send everyone home with a unique gift straight from your heart to theirs!

Tantalise The Taste Buds

Everyone loves good food. If there is anything we can all come to an agreement on it is that food makes the world go round. This is why it is so important that you kick off engagement celebrations with a delicious menu and array of food that will cater to varying taste buds. Those who are looking to host an informal gathering could look into tasty finger food and canapes that guests can enjoy with their glasses of wine and champagne. If you’re looking to host a more formal, sit down type of engagement party, we highly recommend catering some delicious food from popular restaurants in Melbourne. Whatever the case, ensuring that your guests are well-fed is an absolute engagement party must-have.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Whilst savoury food is the main star of the show at engagement parties, one mustn’t forget to satisfy the sweet tooth with a delicious array of decadent desserts. Save the grand wedding cake for your big day, and instead focus your attention on trendy, easy to eat desserts at the engagement party. Popular options include french Macarons, Petit Fours, beautifully decorated cupcakes, cookies and any other dessert that looks amazing and is easy to nibble on. Setting up a dessert table that is beautifully decorated with an assortment of sweet treats will ensure that your guests rave about your party for months to come!

Get Your Groove On

Last but certainly not least, no engagement party is complete without hours and hours of groovy tunes. Why not create a playlist of your favourite songs that you can share with guests and loved ones? Those who fancy a boogie can also look at hiring a DJ for the night who will be able to spin tunes that keep guests on the dancefloor for hours. Picking special songs that mean something to you and your spouse-to-be is also a fantastic way of sharing your love for one another with your friends and family.


We hope that this article has given you some valuable insight into all the must-haves at any successful engagement party. We wish you all the best for your big day!

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