How to Wear Sequin Clothes Every Day without Looking Too Festive?

Even festive dresses should not take extra space in the closet. We will tell you how to transform evening wear into casual clothes.

At the most magical night of the year, every girl wants to shine brighter than anybody else. But the next morning the carriage turns into a pumpkin, and the shining outfit – into a thing that definitely has no place in the closet.

We are convinced that sparkles and sequins can and should be given a new lease of life! We are going to tell you about some proven methods that will help you fit such clothes into everyday looks.

Analyzing texture

Sequins can look luxurious or extremely cheap. To minimize the risks, it is reasonable to choose more apparent and larger textures. Then our sparkling clothes will look appropriate and trendy not only on the dance floor, but also in the light of the day.

Giving preference to a laconic cut

Stylish clothes rarely inspire thoughts about “all the best at once” and, giving the accent to the texture, it is preferable to keep the cut as laconic and simple as possible, though perfectly calibrated – nothing should bristle, tighten and get pleated.

Being careful with accessories

A sparkling item of clothes resembles a jewel itself, so there is no point in trying to additionally decorate it. Surely, we do not reject accessories at all, because only they can make an outfit complete. However, let them be as simple and delicate as possible. Moderation is highly important.

Adding dense smooth textures

To make festive clothes go along with a casual dress code, you need to take care of other items in your outfit. Do not toy with complex textures – change them for smoother and denser ones. High-quality dense cotton, cashmere or merino will come in handy.

Mixing styles

The best way to add a sequin item to your everyday look is to soothe it. We already have enough drama, so it’s better to switch to other styles: either more restrained (business, minimalism, smart casual), or relaxed (sports, casual).

Adding knitwear

Sequins and sparkles become much cozier, if you combine them with pleasant knitted textures. However, it is important to keep in mind that the knitwear should be of high quality, dense and able to keep the shape. Flimsy thin knitwear will simplify any outfit and serve a dirty trick even to an impeccable silhouette.

No color overuse

Choosing too bright shades or their variety, you can surely achieve the effect of a bird of paradise, but is it necessary? A noble combination of more complex and deep colors is the right choice! Either shine or color – you`d better choose one option.

Borrowing from men’s closet

Or choosing female clothes in the male style. Using contrasts is one of stylists’ favorite tools, and the combination of female and male wear in one outfit always looks fresh and sensual. Complement your sparkling skirt with a loose white shirt or a male style blazer, combine your boyfriend’s jeans with a sequin top etc. We hope the idea is clear!

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