5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Creative Talents Thanks to the Internet

Back in the day, if you were a creative person, there were very few avenues to make something out of your gifts. Thanks to the internet, this is a great time to be a creative person. There are so many paths to pursue your artistry, create nice things and experience the joy that comes from turning an idea that lives in your head into a reality.

Whether you’re looking for a hobby for your free time, a creatively stimulating pursuit that relieves stress, or you want to dive into a side hustle that could possibly earn money and replace your job, there are tons of opportunities out there.

This drive for more creativity is one of the trends that emerged out of the pandemic.

2020 changed a lot for the lives of many people, and it created room for them to live up to all their potential. Because more people were working from home, they were able to save time from commuting to and from the office. They had a little extra time to think about their creativity, and ways to set up an artistic outlet that will help them feel more fulfilled. It can be overwhelming to know how to get started with flexing your creative muscle. Here are some jumping-off points and ideas.
YouTube Channel

Did you know the creative commentary YouTube channels are incredibly popular right now? If you studied fields like film, literature and art history, you can put your knowledge to good use by creating a channel where you talk about topics people would love to learn about.

You can do a critical analysis of books, popular TV shows, old movies, art, and really have fun with it. Don’t go into it expecting to make money immediately, but rather to have fun and do something you’re passionate about.

Arts, Crafts and DIY

If you like to showcase your creative talent through crafts, there are so many ways to do that right now. There are hundreds of thousands of projects you can try, from upcycling old furniture pieces and candle making to sketching really beautiful line art by hand. If you like to decorate, you can start doing home makeovers for your friends and family and document the process on a blog.

You can also do your own t-shirt prints, buying your supplies online. According to online retailer, Crafting Besties, “if you want to turn your creativity into tangible items, investing in a sublimation print kit is a great start. You will tap into so much inspiration and bring smiles to the faces of others!”

Self-Publish a Book

20 years ago, publishing a book meant getting a publisher, which was really hard to do. Now thanks to platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, anyone can self-publish a title they wrote.

Whether it’s a non-fiction self-help book, or your own epic fictional YA novel, by following a simple process, you can become a published author in your own right. Instead of feeling like your writings are always going to be hidden, why not put them out into the world and perhaps build your own small following of readers and fans?

Start a Podcast

There are 2 million podcasts in the world on everything from baking to motherhood, and the medium is going to keep going. If you like to talk and have really great conversations, a podcast is a really great creative pursuit for you.

You don’t need to be a huge tech nerd or have expensive equipment to get started, and you can actually build your own small following by making the show about a topic you’re really passionate about.

Instagram Photography

Do you know that there are people who are paid by brands to take beautiful photos featuring and showcasing their products? If you have a love for beautiful things and have a knack for nice photos, why not start doing this? You can start out with your phone camera, buy a few affordable lights and start creating flat-lays, lifestyle photos, and videos and help brands tell a story for the products they sell.

You don’t even need to have millions of followers to do this. You can become what’s known as a nano-influencer, a content creator with between 1000 and 10,000 followers. Believe it or not, having a lower follower account than bigger names can actually be a huge advantage because you have higher engagement and a more close-knit community.

Don’t be afraid to build your own unique brand, you might find some lucrative opportunities that allow you to be the amazing creative you were born to be.

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