4 Wallpaper Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Whoever said that wallpapers are old-fashioned is wrong. Wallpapers have and never will go out of style. Even interior designer expert, Danielle Colding, believes that old is new all over again. Wallpapers bring out the harmonious union between youthful innovation and timeless design apart from their buoyancy and depth. So, if you thought they are out of style, think again. It is high time that you replace the worn-out wallpapers in your house with the trending styles of 2019.

1. Murals

Repeating patterns definitely look nice, but it is also better to bring some new look into the rooms. If you already had standard patterns, change them to non-repeating murals. Painted murals are often considered storytellers. Combine them with custom curtains, and the room will look fresher immediately.

Mural wallpapers can capture moods perfectly. You can create a theme by selecting hand-painted murals on wallpapers. Cover all the walls in some of the most exquisite artistry you have ever come across. Let the paintings do the talking while you watch the story unfold every time you walk into the room.

2. Tonal or textural

2018 saw a surplus of bold and forward-thinking wallpapers, but this year, the approach is more subtle. For example, beige isn’t as dull anymore as long as it has real texture on it. Two-dimensional tones have come into the limelight this year, and honestly, the wallpapers look incredible. They bring out the depth of the base color so well that you will long to have one of these beauties in your house right away.

Monochromatic iterations still prevail, but the ones that have a bolder hue are more popular. The concept of having colorful wallpapers has taken a backward step.

3. Architectural patterns

Innovation is the new ticket to success for wallpapers in 2019. Designers are not afraid to try a variety of architectural designs like digitalized geometric patterns. Together with a bit of organic touch, these wallpapers look like a work of art. If you love graphical patterns, you shouldn’t think twice before bringing home one of the matte-finished wallpapers with innovative designs on them.

Some of the inspiring ones follow geometric patterns that gradually change over the course of the wall. The differently-sized patterns give a 3D kind of look, which is unique because every time you walk in, you will feel the walls have come to life. So, don’t hesitate to check out the various designs available.

4. Painterly

Think of watercolor-inspired designs and a list of painterly-styled wallpaper will appear in front of you. Like murals, they also try to communicate a story. They make the room look modern and fresh. You can even make the wallpaper look brighter by installing white sheer curtains. They allow light to come in, making the room bright and beautiful.

Painterly wallpapers have an artistic approach. Their evocative brushstrokes, whimsical elegance, and rich pigments combine together to deliver a style that sets your mood whenever you enter the room. It’s almost as if you are walking into a painting gallery or exhibition with each sketch telling a different story.

So, if you’ve been avoiding wallpapers, don’t wait anymore. Forget about painting the walls with colorful paint. Instead, allow the wallpapers to bring magic into the rooms. Pick from these trending designs, and you will thank us later for the timely advice.

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