20 Interesting Facts about Emotions

It is difficult to say there is at least anything unknown about the feelings that pervade our everyday life and our dreams. But we will try to surprise you by presenting 20 interesting facts about human emotions.


  1. Emotions run invisibly to us: they trigger cognitive processes (recognition and reasoning) and physical sensations and influence behavior.
  2. Emotions are the most powerful motivator. They control our desire to survive, to reproduce, to communicate and behave in accordance with moral principles.
  3. Men experience the same emotions as women. We are just taught to express feelings in different ways.
  4. There are more than a hundred emotions. These are just those which we know about.
  5. The seven basic emotions include anger, sadness, fear, surprise, disgust, delight, and happiness.
  6. Happiness is the most conflicting emotion. Why? Because it can mean many things: joy, emotion, euphoria…
  7. In order to express the full range of emotions, nature has given us 43 muscles responsible for the mimicry.
  8. Emotions can last from a part of a second to several minutes. We experience negative emotions longer than positive ones.
  9. A mood is anything longer than an emotion. We can remain in it from a few minutes to several days. In addition, it affects how you feel emotions. For example, if you are not in a mood, anger will make your blood boil much stronger than usual.
  10. Emotions have an effect on the autonomic nervous system, which controls the basic functions of the body, such as digestion, blood circulation, breathing, and sexual desire.
  11. Emotions are universal. Facial expressions of people in Russia and Zimbabwe are no different, provided that people are experiencing the same emotions. But the triggers of these feelings are different, of course.
  12. Love is not an emotion. It is a state in which you can experience a variety of emotions: joy, sadness, depression, anger…
  13. You can cultivate and change your own emotions. This happens due to the prefrontal cortex. You can forget about emotions, interpret them in their own way or even change their meaning for yourself. This means you will change the reaction to the feeling as well.
  14. Self-awareness is the key to everything. The sooner you identify the emotion, the more ways you will have to deal with it. To understand how your mind works, try to turn to meditation.
  15. If you simulate a particular emotion, such as disgust or anger, you will really get embraced by this feeling.
  16. Emotional intelligence is more important than that of the mind. Statistically, your financial well-being by 85% depends on your leadership skills and the ability to communicate and negotiate. Only 15% are determined by erudition.
  17. Your thoughts about justice, commitment, strength, kindness and mutual aid are expressed in such emotions as compassion, gratitude, embarrassment, and awe. These feelings have been developing in human beings for thousands of years. So the moral is literally embodied in ourselves.
  18. Only 1% of people are able to completely hide their emotions from others.
  19. 10% of people do not know exactly how they feel. This is called alexithymia. Because of this dysfunction, people cannot describe the emotions in words, distinguish one emotion from another and understand the mood of others.
  20. Those addicted to Botox injections may still experience emotions. This killer of wrinkles paralyzes some muscles of the face, so it sometimes seems that the person in front of you does not feel anything at all. But this is not true. However, a person addicted to Botox injections and suffering from alexithymia is a disaster.
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