15 Things to Overcome in Order to Gain Success

People constantly push themselves into certain limits and very often justify their inactivity in this or that situation by the fact that it is “against the rules” and “has nothing to do with their duties.” But in fact, there are many things that you just need to stop fearing, and psychologists are sure that life will brighten up and success will come.

1. Be yourself

It’s much easier said than done, but most importantly – you need to stop being afraid. Otherwise, it simply does not make sense to read the rest of this article. A person must be 100 percent true to himself. For example, you can recall the “Big Bang Theory” and Sheldon Cooper, who is very strange, but at the same time charming. It is also worth remembering everyone whom you admire and trying to understand why. The answer will be simple – we admire people not because they are ideal, but because they are natural.

2. Defend the right to be yourself

To live as you want, you need to be able to “defend the right to be yourself.” For sure, others will resist the changes that a person will try to undergo because this will lead to a change in the format of relations with this person. Do not be afraid of these complications and never “give up.” When friends get used to the “new image”, everything will become much easier.

3. Honesty

To stop being afraid to be honest, you need to understand that it is not necessary to hurt other people’s feelings. Naturally, at first other people can be shocked, but soon it will develop into respect.

4. Failure

Fear of rejection is always present, regardless of what the person is going to do. Failure is an integral part of life and any endeavor, so do not be afraid of it. You just need to understand – there is usually nothing personal in it, just business.

5. Criticism

If a person is afraid of criticism, he will never achieve anything. There are two different types of criticism: constructive criticism, which offers options for how to do something better, and meaningless criticism from the “haters”. Criticism always implies considering its source and discarding the information that does not improve personal life.

6. Mistakes

Mistakes have always been there and will always be. They are one of the main ways for a person to learn and develop. To be afraid of them is ridiculous because mistakes happen to everyone.

7. Flaws

In fact, the word “flaws” should only be applied to inanimate objects. Each person is multilevel and complex, and one should not call his certain features flaws or deficiencies. The only way to stop being afraid and restrain yourself is to accept yourself fully. It is impossible to suppress certain aspects of yourself and pretend that they do not exist. In fact, these “shortcomings” are part of personal charm, and without them a person will be boring.

8. Consequences of serious actions

It’s not serious. If someone starts to “teach life” and criticize the consequences of actions, this person can easily be ignored.

9. Lack of success in everything

A person strives to be the best in everything and is afraid that he will fail in a certain area. In fact, one should strive to be the best only in what excites him/her most. You need to do what you like and what you can and stop feeling guilty about not getting something else.

10. Apologies

All people are wrong, and this is natural. Do not be afraid to apologize for your mistakes, it will be better in any case than not to say anything.

11. Failures

In fact, it’s easy to stop being afraid of “failing” in a situation because there is no “total failure”. If a person does not give up after a failure, he/she has learned something. How can this be called a complete failure?

12. Previous success

Sometimes, when a person becomes successful, strange things happen: people are just so used to “fighting for a place in the sun” that they feel bored and uncomfortable. Then people begin to subconsciously worry that everything will suddenly go wrong. In fact, if you have succeeded once, even if anything goes wrong, you will succeed some other time. There is no need to worry.

13. Changing habits

In fact, it is very difficult to change the habits that have developed over the years, especially since 99.99 percent of everyday habits are automatized by the subconscious. During stressful situations, everyone is unconsciously inclined to return to their old and not-so-loved habits, since they are more convenient. If you focus on changing one habit at a time until it reaches the level of “automatization”, new, healthy habits will be developed.

14. Risking

There is only one way to stop being afraid to take risks, and it sounds rather strange – you need to make yourself afraid of what might NOT happen in the opposite case. In all seriousness, it works.

15. Moving forward

Many of us are too loyal to the people who do not even deserve it. If there are people who deprive you of all the energy, emotions, money, etc., it is better to “step over them” and not be afraid to keep moving forward.