World’s First Sleeping Bra NightLift

All of us fall under various kinds of influence. If this is not someone else’s opinion, then it’s the almighty gravity at least. It is this force that allows us to walk on the earth, but at the same time, it inevitably draws everything downwards. With age, our facial features and body contours get lowered and begin to literally “sag” or “hang loosely.” Unfortunately, this applies to breasts as well. Most women are sure that bras can slow down this process. After all, the less their bust is “free”, the longer it will retain its shape, they think. Some women are ready even to sleep in a bra. However, they need a special product for this purpose.

The idea of ​​sleeping in a bra… sounds a bit strange. It is very uncomfortable. But it sounds just fine for the American plastic surgeon named Randal Haworth. After inspecting hundreds and hundreds of women patients, the doctor reached a conclusion that the women, who have been wearing a bra most of the day for many years, have tighter and fitter breasts even in their middle age. To enhance this effect and to avoid sagging, the surgeon created a special nightwear line called NightLift.

NightLift differs from many conventional bras, even the most comfortable ones. The bra models from this nightwear line do not include any underwires. At the same time, they provide the breasts with excellent support thanks to triple straps. No matter how much you turn and twist in your sleep, the breasts remain in their place.

The design, created for maximum comfort, is rather unusual. At the same time, this nightwear item looks somewhat spicy, and the bloggers who decided to test the sleeping bra joked that the straps and open areas made them feel like Beyonce’s backup girl dancers.

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