Wedding Ring vs. Engagement Ring: Understanding Both

So you found the one. You are ready to marry. Marriage is truly a life long partnership. A metal band worn on the finger symbolizes the promise of love and commitment in marriage. It’s also a perfectly beautiful piece of jewelry that compliments your finger. So as the groom-to-be it is time to plan your wedding and find an affordable wedding ring – or is it an engagement ring?

It may be hard to imagine that there is any difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring – but there is. Itis not unusual for men not to know this but now that you know, let’s consider both types of rings

What is the difference between the Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring?

It is very often that you can find people confused between the wedding ring and engagement ring, but in fact, these are two different types of rings. An engagement ring is a special kind of ring that the man wears while proposing to the girl. According to the traditional meaning, the engagement ring is given at the moment of proposal and it represents a commitment to marriage. The engagement ring just symbolizes that they are engaged and they will eventually get married. The wedding band is usually given on the day of her wedding and it represents her marriage itself. Wedding rings are worn after getting married by husband and wife. Today, however, many couples choose to have both an engagement ring and a wedding band.

When to get engagement rings?

It depends on how you view the world, and what your goals are. If you’re a utilitarian, you may have already purchased a simple ring to serve the purpose. Perhaps that is fine with you and makes perfect sense. Some of us, however, want an engagement ring investment that reflects our own unique virtues as well as our cherished values. Questioning the “when” will save you thousands, ensure that the diamond you buy fits right, and make buying a new engagement ring a whole lot more meaningful. Ideally, it should be bought by the man without the knowledge of the woman as this will ensure the concept of surprise of a proposal is maintained.

When Do We Buy Wedding Rings?

The question of when to buy wedding rings is one that many couples ask themselves. There’s no perfect time to buy a wedding ring. Traditional owners would have you believe that the right time is precisely when you get engaged, but for most couples, it didn’t work that way — after all, you had no one to ask in the first place! And chances are there were more than just a few important moments along the way. It’s very personal and the right way is different for everyone.

There are so many different options for buying wedding rings. You have to find the one that works best for you, the one that expresses your relationship in a way that is meaningful to you. For some couples, that may mean shopping around together a bit.

It’s not a rare case that the future husband and wife select wedding rings looking similar or absolutely the same but in different sizes. It’s a way to feel the couple’s bond. But it doesn’t mean you should do it too. Every couple is free to decide which rings to choose! Try to find a timeless one, some model that won’t look old-fashioned in 10 years.

Origin of Wearing Rings for Couples

It’s a question asked by couples around the world, “Where does this tradition of wearing wedding rings come from?”

The history of this long-standing wedding custom is unique and interesting. The history of the engagement ring is a long one that can be traced back to 3200 BC when it was first thought that the ancient Egyptians gave their women diamond rings and bracelets as symbols of eternal love & fidelity.

Classic and Modern Engagement Rings

Finding a beautiful ring that meets your ultimate style and high standards is so important to you. If you’ve ever looked into getting an engagement ring for that special someone in your life, you’ve likely heard terms like “classic” and “modern” – and left a lot more confused than when you entered the process. Consider a few differences.

The classic ring is set with one big Carat diamond in the center. Modern engagement rings come in a variety of carat sizes, shapes, and styles.

The first engagement rings were plain bands without any embellishment, while modern engagement bands always had something extra like accent stones or intricate work. Most modern one comes with a lot of embellishment because embellishment is the new trend now.

Diamonds used in classic wedding rings are white and not very shiny, while modern diamonds have a super high shine or have color in them.

Whether you’re classic or modern, you want to find something that gives the impression that your partner put a lot of thought into it. Diamonds on Richmond are pleased to assist do this.

Should women wear both their wedding band & engagement ring?

Considering that modern-day wedding rings are influenced by the traditional Egyptian marriage ceremony, and since ancient Egyptians utilized a single ring to represent engagement, wedding, & eternity; Should women wear both their wedding band & engagement ring?

If you want to wear both wedding rings and engagement rings, then buy a ring set with one of each as this is often the cheapest option. When you first got married, you probably wore the wedding ring on your left hand and displayed your engagement ring to everyone who sees it. Placing the two rings in different hands gives them a new bit of personality. Many believe it’s best to keep your rings from drawing unnecessary attention; nevertheless, it’s a personal preference.


Shopping for rings can be a very enjoyable experience. Engagement rings are given to women and men as a sign of commitment between the soon-to-be newlyweds. Shopping together for your wedding ring is a special milestone, and a great way to get into the habit of being in tune with each other’s needs. Your wedding rings are often chosen during the planning process by you and can be a perfect symbol that two people are going to share their lives together.

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