Ultimate Beach Smart Swimsuit

You can look forward to the swimming season without worrying about the figure, if you have the correct swimsuit. If you’re skeptical about accepting this statement, this article is for you.

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British DailyMail has told about the thing that could be called a “smart” corrective swimsuit. It hides almost 2 sizes in the hips and adds some breast size.

This is a separate Ultimate Beach swimsuit. You can compare how it changes the figure of a woman without Photoshop and any surgery. In a swimsuit on the left (the Ultimate Beach swimsuit), the model is slimmer in the hips and has a magnificent bust. The effect can be explained by the special design of the bra cups, consisting of foam and gel, as well as the basis with “bones”. The same technology was used in the shorts that make the thighs slimmer.

It turns out that two breast sizes are added and two sizes are removed in the hips. A very “smart” swimsuit!

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