Trendy Shoes & Boots for Winter 2015 for Different Body Shapes

Those who suffer from the shoe mania may not read this. Some of these girls buy a lot of shoes, and sometimes an indecent lot of shoes. Others also think there can never be enough shoes – just like handbags. However, they stick to more practical principles of shopping. Those who want to buy their pair of shoes during the new season should consider their figure type.

Boots for Petit Women


The first rule: boots for short girls should not be very high. The higher the boots, the lower you will seem because high boots will change the proportions of the body, and the latter will seem very small. If you love boots, you should select those in which the boot shaft is not higher than 20-15 cm (as a rule, models with such a boot shaft are labeled as low boots, their height is measured on the rear or side seam).

Heels are required. A platform and quite a stable heel of the average thickness are the most suitable ones.

Boot decor should be minimal. It means avoiding buckles, colored boxes, straps, etc. Ideally, they should be no decor. It is advisable to be guided by the local color and a simple silhouette. It is very good if you can pick up the tights or pants to match the footwear (especially in color) – it lengthens the figure visually.

Low boots are the most successful ones for winter. They should reach the ankle or the bottom of the calf in height.

Shoes & Boots for an “Hourglass” Shaped Body


Women with such an attractive type of figure do not need to hide anything. On the contrary, why not emphasize sexual and feminine curves of the body? This means that boots can have a rounded toe cap and gently encircle the foot.

Heels of a classic conical shape that are semicircular at the bottom will emphasize femininity in the best possible way.

As for the height of winter footwear, the boots reaching the ankle are ideal. It is undesirable to hide the calf in a big and high boot shaft: legs will seem very massive in this case. The “stocking boots” type is an exception, as they are fitting all the twists and the relief tightly.

Shoes for an “Apple” Shaped Body


Women of this type of figure should do anything to distract attention from their rounded and plump body. Shoes can help to do it. You can afford buying boots of an interesting color and texture solutions, with stitching, buckles, and interesting zippers. If the legs are not thin, it is important to arrange this decor in a vertical direction, visually narrowing the thickness of the legs. Women with skinny legs can look for fancy footwear options.

You need a heel, but not a stud. Stable and high heels are required as they give the impression of a good balance in relation to a massive body. Wedge heels will also successfully fit into the image.

The height of the boots may be various. In case of spring thaw, boots with a low cut would be suitable.

Best Shoes for “Pear” Bodies


Any boots (below or above the knee) will suit you because they will counterbalance the heavy lower body. The only height, which should be avoided, is mid-calf. This means that you should choose either high boots, or open ankle boots. Monochrome models are preferable.

You also need to visually lengthen the legs, so the heel is recommended. Wedge heels will look heavy, so you should look for a stud or a feminine cone-shaped heel. Another good news is that Hessian boots can be a good option for you (Hessian boots with heels).

Inverted triangle
Your silhouette lacks feminine and sexy curves. Therefore, studs and decorative heels are a good option. Models with lots of decoration, such as fur, laces, zippers, and buckles, will be suitable, cowgirl boots are a perfect example.

While many are contraindicated the mid-calf height of the boot shaft, women with the “inverted triangle” type of figure will find such length suitable. Moreover, the upper shoe can be decorated with horizontally oriented decor. Cowboy boots are the idea for the brave and creative minds.

Trendy Shoes for Tall and thin figure


The most successful winter boots for tall and thin figures are the so-called riding boots. The boot shaft can be of any height: below the knee or above it.

It retains all the recommendations for the “inverted triangle” type of figure. But there is also an additional tip: if you like ugg boots, you can be envied since they are ideal for your figure type.

Short legs

Women of every type of figure can have short legs. And the tips on how to extend them may be interesting to absolutely everyone.

Any vertical element creates a more elongated proportion. These include zippers, colored vertical insertions. In contrast, horizontal straps and decor shorten the leg.

Another method to visually lengthen the leg is selecting shoes with pointed toes. And, of course, there is the familiar rule to choose tights or trousers matching the color of the shoes to give the leg a larger vertical dimension.

In conclusion, we add that there are not many very strict rules regarding winter shoes. In case of cold winters, it is important that the boots or ankle boots should be really warm. And watch the proportions of your body: when in a dressing room, pay attention not only to the shoes, but also to the overall silhouette of the figure.