Trendiest Purses Fall-Winter 2016

There can never be too many handbags! These accessories make the image complete, original and stylish. Besides, they are simply practical; they can hold many trifles starting from cosmetics and keys, ending with bread. Therefore, every woman has this item in her wardrobe. What kind of handbag is fashionable to wear this fall-winter season? We have paid attention to the most current trends.


Tassels and fringe

handbags-fall-winter-2Tassels and fringe characteristic of boho style are in trend again.

handbags-fall-winter-1The more decorations, the better. Designers recommend paying attention to leather and suede elements.

Slouchy bag

handbags-fall-winter-3Since many women are practical, stylists have prepared a surprise for them and made baggy handbags fashionable.

handbags-fall-winter-4Now accessories resembling knapsacks and shopping bags from the 90s are trendy again.

Fur and plush

handbags-fall-winter-6What girl will remain indifferent to a soft and fluffy handbag? It is impossible to resist stroking this accessory, it makes the image cozy and a bit funny.

handbags-fall-winter-5A plush or fur bag will definitely attract attention.

A small bag

handbags-fall-winter-7Not every girl will like to carry a large and heavy bag.

handbags-fall-winter-8Lovers of minimalism and simply fragile girls are offered a very small handbag, to fit only their phone, keys, and a mirror.

Baguette bag

handbags-fall-winter-9These bags are truly reminiscent of baguettes, they are oblong and rectangular. Very creative choice for outrageous ladies!

Sheer elegance

352908471Rounded shapes soften the image and make it more feminine and elegant. This year, girls who prefer classic style, pay attention to semi-circular bags, which look very beautiful and laconic.

Shoulder bag

handbags-fall-winter-12Wearing handbags over the shoulder on a long handle is trendy again. It is convenient and practical – your hands are free, the bag does not interfere and is easier to carry. Moreover, stylists recommend wearing bags of different sizes over voluminous coats, jackets and coats.

Predatory print

handbags-fall-winter-13There are real predators inside women – be it cats or snakes. This is not an insult, it is the female essence.

handbags-fall-winter-14That is why designers cannot give up predatory prints that attract women so much and slightly alert men.

Bags to match outerwear

handbags-fall-winter-15Fashion designers come up with plenty of ideas. One of the brightest trends of this season is bags matching your outerwear, which are practically invisible.

handbags-fall-winter-16Such accessories look quite unusual.

Retro style bag

handbags-fall-winter-17Vintage and retro attract us with a haze of mystery and impossibility to turn back time. Perhaps that is why elements from the past break into fashion again and again. For example, clutches shaped as vintage purses will be very fashionable this season.

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