Taking Care Of Your Jewellery The Right Way

If you were to rank your most treasured possessions, we guarantee that jewellery will be amongst the top. And that simply means that you should take better care of them so that they last you forever!

In this piece, we take an in-depth look at how you should protect your jewellery the right way and ensure that it lasts and stays in top-shape for generations. If you want to pass on your ring to your son or daughter, make sure you follow the following steps to the latter.
Keep your metallic pieces away from wood

Wooden jewellery boxes are pretty and all, but they are not a good idea.
Here is why:

Wood is a natural substance that was once alive. And even as a refined finished product, it has been known to release organic acids. These acids are like acetic and formic acid. And if you attended even the basic science classes, you know that acid has a corrosive nature to almost all substances it gets into contact with. Jewellery made with any metallic material gets damaged and becomes tarnished, losing its color and shine. So if you want to keep your metallic pieces looking shiny and pretty, keep away from wood objects.

You may use the wooden box to store the wooden pieces; instead, this way, no harm is done.

Store in a dry place

When any piece of jewellery, metallic or wooden, gets into contact with water and moisture, the results are nasty. The metals might oxidize and start corroding or develop rust, and the wooden pieces may grow mold, which is just unpleasant. That said, always make sure that your treasured pieces are put away from moisture and water.

If you live in a humid location, it is best to store your pieces in an airtight ziplock back and securely close it. Be sure to squeeze all the moisture out completely.

Store your pieces with dehumidifiers

As we emphasize how moisture is dangerous to your jewellery, you can use dehumidifiers like chalk and silicon packs to keep the moisture away long term. These materials are excellent as they absorb all the moisture in the surrounding air, and since the jewellery is nearby, they are kept dry and safe. If you wonder where to get silicon packs, they are the little white sachets that come packaged with new shoes. So when you buy a new pair, do not discard them but keep them close and store them with your chains and rings.

Whenever you head to the gym, sauna, swimming pool, or anywhere that you are bound to get wet, it is best to remove the piece while you are in these places.

Avoid contact with any cosmetic product

Cosmetics such as hair sprays, perfumes, lotions, oils, and body sprays are not suitable for your jewellery pieces. They tarnish the ornaments and shorten their lifespan. Cosmetic products are made with chemicals that may not be harmful to your skin but have the opposite effect on your jewel piece. Some of those chemicals may trigger a chemical reaction that makes your jewellery lose its luster and its attractive appearance.

Keep away from direct sunlight

The sun’s rays contain quite a number of radiation beams that the human eyes cannot see. Some examples are the x-rays and UV light. Some of these radiations trigger a chemical reaction with metals and gemstones, making them dull and boring. It’s especially important to consider if you wear body piercing. So much so, keeping them away from direct sunlight is probably the best idea when it comes to storing them.

Wear only quality jewelry

Make sure you buy jewellery of high-quality, made of good materials that don’t react with the body, and at a certified store. Because not all materials are approved to be used in body jewellery. This is why we’d recommend Pierce Off Body jewellery pieces because of their top standards and broad range. Good-quality jewellery is easier to store because it remains the same, doesn’t get dull, and gets no scratches for a longer time.

Store different ornament types separately

This entails keeping the silvers together, the golds in another container, copper, brass, and any other piece in our collection. This ensures that they do not rub off each other and tarnish each other in the long run. Remember when we mentioned what wood does to metallic pieces? That’s one example showing how important it is storing them separately. If you have one jewellery box, smartly use different compartments or separate ziplock bags for specific types.

Clean them properly

If, by any chance, your jewellery gets wet, in contact with water or a cosmetic lotion or cream, use a clean cotton cloth to clean it. Some people may advise that you use toothpaste, but that is not right. Toothpaste is harsh on most ornamental pieces and will erode it further. For the best results, it is best to ask an expert who will sell to you a specially formulated cleanser that will get the job done.

Get your pieces professionally cleaned

As an alternative to doing it on your own, you could get your jewellery professionally cleaned and polished by experts. A jeweler has the right solutions and tools and will use the right techniques to ensure that your piece remains as it should but looking better.

If you own complicated designs with gemstones, they are your best bet as they will also get to clean the areas you might not reach by yourself.

Purchase jewellery protective products

To properly take care of your jewellery, the right way would also warrant you to get jewellery protective products. These pieces may be in the form of creams or sprays and sometimes powders that you use on the product as advised by a professional.

Give your pieces a break

Indeed you may not need to wear your necklace, bracelet, or anklet 24/7. Sometimes give them a break too. Since we are in constant contact with soaps, detergents, lotions, and sunlight, staying with them all the time might tarnish them faster. However, if you prefer keeping them on, something like a wedding band, be sure to get it cleaned every so often.


As aforementioned, if you want your jewellery to last you a lifetime, which it can, by the way, just take good care of it. All the ways mentioned above will help you get precisely that done, and you will not have to worry about replacements in a few years. Good looking jewellery deserves good care.

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