Stylish Winter Scarves

Scarf is a great accessory, isn’t that so? Besides, it keeps us warm even in a fierce weather, it gives the image of uniqueness and individuality of course, if you choose your winter scarf with utmost seriousness.


Do you want some ideas on scarves for the Winter 2010/2011 season?

A big, wide and long scarf is a great stuff for warmth and comfort, and you can replace the jacket if need be. You can fasten with a beautiful brooch.

And how about a bright accessory? Such a method of tying is possible if the texture of the scarf is silky, and easily draped. Choose wool with linen.

Bright scarf

If instead of the usual fringe, you decorate the scarf with gathered edging, it will be a very feminine version.

Blue scarf with gathered edging

Fur accessories are still in fashion. You have a child coat left or bought a piece of fur? Why not use them? By the way, the version with artificial fur will be fit for conservationists.

Fashionable fur scarf

A stylish handkerchief around the neck is also a scarf! It is important that the quality of the material is excellent. Then it will be easy to drape and pleasant to touch. Silk fringe adds style.

Stylish scarf - handkerchief

And, of course, bright geometry! It is also at the height of fashion. See how dressy it looks in this case, the usual office dress!

Stylish scarf, bright geometry

Source of the image: Photl, Avarady, Mycharm

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