New Trend: Pedicure Stockings

With every day, it is getting warmer on the street, which means that the fair sex will wear open shoes soon. Of course, before putting on open shoes, sandals, or flip-flops women must have a pedicure. But for those who are too lazy to spend time on a variety of procedures and color their toenails, Japanese designers have come up with an excellent alternative – nylon socks and stockings with “pedicure”.


The Japanese have decided that women do not have to make up their toenails and released a series of unusual stockings. They differ from ordinary nylon tights and socks that are made in the form of gloves – that is, they are worn on each toe. The main thing is that there are multi-colored prints in the places where toenails should be.


Due to this finding, one can achieve a pedicure effect. This new product for the lazy is already very popular among Japan’s female population.


Thanks to bright and colorful prints on these nylon stockings and socks, it seems that toenails are really made up.


Indeed, when you want to wear open sandals and do not have enough time for a pedicure, such nylon socks or stockings can be a great way out. By the way, the stockings are made from such a thin material that it is difficult to notice them with the naked eye.