Neverquit Socks Will Never Smell

Ask any woman what she would like to change in her beloved man? Of course, we are satisfied with everything in our soulmates. Except snoring and the smell of socks at the end of the day. Okay, jokes aside! Being serious, the unpleasant smell and sweating causes equal discomfort for both sexes. However, a solution has been found. After all, they invented the socks that do not smell at all. At the same time, they are incredibly comfortable.

Ideally, one needs to choose socks no less carefully than a lady chooses a bra. After all, extremely “breathable” materials can rub the skin and provoke corns. On the other hand, excessively dense materials create a greenhouse effect with all the unpleasant consequences. Still, few people think about such nuances. Especially in the army. It was there, during the military service, that a guy named Leo Chen, being tired of fighting bloody calluses, came up with the concept of the most comfortable socks for all occasions. A couple of years later, the idea was brought to life thanks to Kickstarter.

That is how the Neverquit Socks project appeared, presenting the most comfortable socks for every day. They combined in themselves almost all the “super powers” that we expect from socks: convenience while walking, resistance to moisture and complete absence of unpleasant smells.

The first “trick” of Neverquit Socks consists in the special pads located on the foot of the socks. When walking, they create an additional cushioning effect in the most sensitive areas. The result is that the feet are much less tired and swollen throughout the day. This will be particularly appreciated by those who have to stand a lot during service or the working day. They are equally effective for constant motion – for example, while playing sports.

“Trick” number two, which everyone will appreciate, is the absence of unpleasant smells. The fibers of socks are treated with zinc oxide, which naturally prevents the appearance of sweat-provoking bacteria. It copes with the task better than many deodorants. Moreover, zinc not only blocks the smell, but also reduces sweating. In combination with the ability of the material to “breathe”, it will keep your feet dry even after an intense run.

Among other nice features that make Neverquit Socks a contender for the title of the most comfortable socks ever, there is a special insert against calluses. A small pad just above the heels will help resist the shoes with the toughest rear part better than any patch.

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