Most Important Types of Jewelry to Have In Your Jewelry Stash

Do you want to start a collection of essential pieces of jewelry? Are you thinking about the types of jewelry for special occasions and daily living? When things settle down, are you ready to get back out there and start getting back into your fashion groove?

We understand that the lockdown procedures all over the states are stressful. The health crisis is taking a toll on mental health, especially on women. One effective way to release some of that stress is to celebrate a “Me Day.”

What better way to treat yourself than to find the best types of jewelry that fit you best? In this post, we’ve listed the most essential jewelry types that everyone needs. Keep reading to learn what they are and more.

1. Rings

Every person needs to have a ring in their jewelry stash. You want to have at least two types of rings in your collection. However, we won’t judge you if you start collecting more.

Jewelry is often expensive, after all. The good news is that jewelers are more likely to sell jewelry straight to customers. This means they’re more accessible, and you won’t see or pay a middleman or retailer anymore.

Of the different types of jewelry, rings are the most popular and meaningful. They’re symbolic of marital status or practice. Rings also compliment all fashion styles, and they’re easy to put on and take off.

You can wear a ring alone or place a few on various parts of your fingers. You can also stack them in a classy way as Duchess Kate Middleton does. If you want to distribute your rings, you can wear several on different fingers instead.

Rings are available in many styles, and you can even customize them if you don’t find one that suits your preferences.

2. Earrings

Another one of the most popular jewelry types is earrings. Many cultures across the globe use earring jewelry or something like earrings. Even in ancient times, earrings carried meaning, from sociopolitical status to ritualistic symbolism.

Because of their widespread popularity, you can find earrings in all styles. The variety ranges from ear threads to studs and hoops to ear cuffs. You’ll also find that some earrings get used in other parts of the ear.

One of the many things to consider when buying jewelry is the material used for the piece. Earrings come in all materials, from precious metals to gemstones. This availability of styles and materials makes it easy to pick earrings for every use or occasion.

For example, gold hoop earrings look good for both mundane and special occasions. For special dates, you may want to invest in studs that carry gemstones. Earrings can also improve an edgy, sweet, or elegant look.

3. Chains

One of the best types of jewelry to have in your pile is a gold or silver chain. Note that when we talk about chains, we aren’t referring only to necklaces. Your chains can be the types to go around your wrist, ankle, or waist.

The thing that makes chains a great piece of jewelry is their versatility. Chains work well with all kinds of styles. How you wear chains will depend on the material used for it, design, and size.

For example, an old-school rapper and an elegant lady can both wear chains. You can be a 1950s enthusiast or a macho Mafioso. Use it for a typical day at the office or a once-in-a-lifetime dinner with the Queen of England.

Having a single chain piece is good, but keeping more will suit you better. Simple chains will look good for everyday wear. Use supplicated styles as a fashion statement.

4. Pendants

Speaking of chains, let’s move to a jewelry piece that works well with it. Pendants come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Also, they don’t have to stay attached to one specific chain to make an impact. If you’re the type to mix and match your jewelry, they’ll make a great addition to your stash.

If you need to surprise someone, you don’t always have to resort to buying a necklace for them. If they already have a chain, you can offer a customized pendant as your surprise instead. If you commission a pendant for everyday use, don’t forget to pick or make a design that isn’t too heavy or big.

You can also get old-school pendants that you can open. Some couples use pendants to signify their bond. If you’re the type who enjoys wearing a lot of bling, adding pendants to your collection will feel pleasing to you.

5. Necklaces

Take the last two pieces of jewelry we mentioned and put them together. You have a necklace. Necklaces are likely the first adornment worn by humans.

They also have a lot of functions. Soldiers wear them around their necks for easy identification in case they die in battle. In ethnic groups, necklaces hold a variety of cultural meanings.

Whether they’re made from sterling silver or gemstones, necklaces are a must-have for everyone. The key to buying jewelry that you can use for all occasions is to stick to the classics. They don’t only fit with many clothes, but they’re also the best types of jewelry to have.

6. Bracelets

The next vital piece of jewelry for your jewelry cabinet is a bracelet. Today, bracelets don’t only act as accessories or jewelry. You can find other types like medical bracelets, omega bracelets, and survival bracelets.

With that said, bracelets come in more materials than other types of jewelry. If you peruse the market, you’ll find bracelets made of leather, cloth, bead, plastic, and more. You can even find bracelets made of a combination of polyester, silicone, and rubber for awareness bands.

Like other pieces of jewelry on this list, you have to know what style you’re going for. Bangles and cuff bracelets give a different look compared to tennis bracelets. Gold-filled bracelets also have a different feel and weight compared to gold-plated ones.

7. Brooches

In ancient times, people created brooches from thorns, sticks, and flint. In the Bronze Age, people used brooches from handcrafted metal. At the time, they functioned to fasten articles of clothing.

Today, you don’t need a brooch to keep a shirt wrapped around your torsos. Modern sewing techniques take care of that. Now, we use brooches as ornaments.

Many valuable brooches are family heirlooms passed from generation to generation. These use precious metals like gold or silver. Some carry gemstones and enamel.

You don’t have to limit yourself to the occasions when you’d wear a brooch. It doesn’t have to hang from your lapel either. You can also place brooches on your shirt collar or at the front of your dress to be fashionable.

8. Tie Clips

We’re past the era when the average working man (or woman) had to wear only business formal.

Everyone is leaving that tradition behind and welcoming the era of business casual. Despite this gradual transformation of the average work attire, many people are keeping their ties.

Out of all the jewelry types on this list, tie clips have the most function. You don’t only get a shiny addition to your necktie. You also get to keep the tie from swinging around and losing its shape.

That’s not all we use tie clips for today. Clubs and organizations also give tie clips to their members as commemorative tokens. If you’re buying a tie clip, choose one that has the best chance of matching the ties you already have.

If your neckties often have a pattern printed on them, get a single-color tie clip. If your neckties are the plain type, get a tie clip with a little more flair to make it stand out. Also, you can get a tie clip set featuring a variety of styles and colors.

9. Cufflinks

Cufflinks secure the cuffs of dress shirts. The typical person who’d wear a cufflink is a man. However, that doesn’t mean that women can’t wear them, as well.

Also, when you hear about cufflinks, the first thing that may come to mind is formal wear. You won’t always get a chance to wear a formal dress shirt. However, you don’t need to wait for that once-in-a-blue-moon chance to wear a pair of cufflinks.

If you want to convey a statement with the way you dress, try to communicate through your jewelry. That includes wearing cufflinks, even on casual occasions. The vibe you’ll likely give off when you wear cufflinks is that of a focused and serious person’s.

Get the Essential Types of Jewelry Today

These types of jewelry can help highlight and improve your style, even if it’s an unconventional one. However, in today’s world, you may think that jewelry has no value. It’s easy to forget the impressions you give off when you must focus on essentials like groceries first.

That’s it for our guide on the essential jewelry types you need to keep in your stash. However, it doesn’t end here.

Do you want to learn more about jewelry? If you want to learn about jewelry maintenance, check out our other guides!

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