More Guys Wear Skinny Women’s Jeans


The sales of purely women’s skinny jeans beat all records, as they are increasingly bought by men. This trend is topped by such stars as Harry Styles and Russell Brand.


Such clothing brands as Topshop and H&M report a surge in the sales of women’s skinny jeans. The reason for this change is the increased demand among hipster men, who want to wear these jeans, following the example of numerous stars. This phenomenon has another interesting feature – most shopping is done in online stores because men want to avoid the embarrassment and shame when buying women’s jeans.

Sellers call this product “the former girlfriends’ jeans,” and these pants are increasingly seen on numerous celebrities, including Harry Styles, Russell Brand and Jamie Hince. Fitting jeans cannot be found in men’s clothing department stores, so the guys who want to emphasize their ankle, calf and thigh with pants, are forced to go to the women’s section.

The desire to have super-thin legs has never been peculiar to men, but now all the landmarks have changed against the background of the extremely popular unisex trend. The brands may still pay attention to such a large category of men and start producing tight jeans for them, so men will no longer have to feel embarrassed when buying women’s clothing for themselves.