Marino Fabiani Summer 2009 Footwear and Accessories Collection

The summer 2009 collection from Marino Fabiani, an Italian brand for exclusive footwear and accessories, is literary full of the red color, which is sure to be loved by fashionistas.

Marino Fabiani Summer 2009 Footwear

Shoes and sandals made of lacquered leather are nicely decorated with large golden buckles, stones, many-colored wicker leather and even cherry and butterfly prints.

Marino Fabiani Red Flips-Flops

Marino Fabiani White and Red Floral Shoes

The collection also features fashionable handbags in the same style.

Marino Fabiani Flowers and Butterflies Handbag

Marino Fabiani Lacquered Leather Shoes

Marino Fabiani Lacquered Leather Handbag

Marino Fabiani Rainbow Shoes

Marino Fabiani Fashion Handbag

Marino Fabiani Middle Heel Shoes

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