Louis Vuitton Accused of Prostitution Promotion

A short-length feature film, created by stylist Katie Grand and directed by James Lima, depicts the background of the new Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2013-2014 collection, demonstrated in Paris. After being accused of promoting prostitution, the film has been removed from the network.


The plot of the video was the reason for it. The key roles were given to the main participants of the Paris show – models Kara Delvin, Georgia May Jagger, Magdalena Frackowiak, Saskia de Brauw, Isabeli Fontana and Eddie Campbell. In the video, the models depict the heroines of night streets in silk bodysuits and fur coats on their naked bodies, as they are hunting for the owners of expensive cars. Having got another victim, the girl sits in the back seat of the new acquaintance’s car and goes to an expensive hotel with him. Thus, one by one, all the participants of the show come to the place of the defile, where Marc Jacobs’ team is watched by the visitors of the event.

It is a bold decision, which in general is typical of Katie Grand. However, it was not to the critics’ taste. The managers of the brand were accused of cultivating luxury and promoting any means of achieving it, including prostitution, which is the world’s second most profitable activity after drug dealing business.The statement was signed by the leaders of the fund for protection from sexual exploitation, ex-Minister Laurence Rossignol, as well as senator and lawyer Dominique Attias, who called the video a very shocking way of representing women.

According to Attias, a female body is represented as an object for sale, and prostitution is demonstrated as a pleasant fun. This is unacceptable because the government is trying to fight against a very common idea of many French women, who think that prostitution is a normal, ordinary way to make money, for example, to buy a new dress.


As a result, the video has been removed from the network. The stylist of the project, Katie Grand, has already made a comment about the situation. She said they were disappointed that the video had been perceived as promoting crime. Of course, such ideas had not been implied by the creators.

Anyway, the result of this creative work is in oblivion now. And it is up to you to decide whether we should regret about it.

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