Ladies Jeans Turn 75

Jeans are celebrating two anniversaries this year. Legendary Levi’s Engineered turn 10, while we also celebrate 75 years since the first ladies denim jeans model was created. Those days we cannot imagine how somebody can live without those comfortable universal jeans, which can be worn for any occasion. Practically every woman has them; women wear them as much as men do. However, there were times when things were different.

Ladies Jeans

The first ladies denim jeans, called Lady Levi’s, were created in 1934. Those were the first jeans sewed specifically for female body shape. Prior to that date women could wear jeans they borrowed from their husbands or boyfriends. Those jeans were rough work jeans with uncomfortable buttons instead of zipper (which, by the way, were invented much earlier, in 1873). At first they still used the same uncomfortable buttons, however soon they were replaced with a zipper.

These days it is really hard to imagine that there used to be only one model of ladies jeans. Modern jeans trends change at least once each season. Ladies jeans selection is indeed impressive!

In occasion of this anniversary we all have a reason to go denim jeans shopping and celebrate this date with a purchase or two.

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