Kate Middleton vs. Lady Gaga

Kate Middleton’s style became a trend. And not a simple one, but the main trend of the new season. According to the research conducted by Global Language Monitor more and more girls want to emulate the future princess.

Kate Middleton's style

And though many of you say that the Prince’s bride wears conservative and boring clothes, blue dresses, like the one in which she appeared before the press on the day when her engagement was announced, have been sold in the stores very quickly.

Middleton’s utter antipode – Lady Gaga – takes the second place. There is still an army of those who want to imitate her eccentric image. And yet her support group is far less numerous than that of Kate’s.

Another trend of the season, according to the study, is represented by transparent fabrics. The stars, dressed in them, appear on the red carpet increasingly often, and the experts anticipate that the stores will soon experience a boom for them.

Other spring must-haves include a dress shirt, eco-friendly clothing (like the one that Emma Watson creates for People Tree), as well as the style of the 1970-s. In general, there are a lot of trends, but you still have to choose the ones you like.

Source of the image: Biffnlou.

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