Jubilee Capsule Louboutin Shoe Collection

Christian Louboutin, a recognized master of fashion footwear, is going to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his brand in 2012. The solemn date will be marked by the release of a new capsule collection of shoes and accessories.

The “Jubilee” collection by Christian Louboutin will include twenty models of shoes and six models of bags. Extensive archives of Louboutin have been a source of inspiration for the design of these items.

The residents of the UK will be the first to see the new collection. On February 27, at Selfridges, a pop-up Louboutin boutique will be opened to present the new collection. The start of international sales is scheduled for March this year. The most loyal fans of the designer, who are registered in Facebook, will be able to receive an e-mail invitation, which one can use to be the first to buy shoes and accessories from the new collection at the forthcoming opening of Christian Louboutin website.

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