Jeans Are the Most Common Clothes Item among Women

For women over 50, jeans are the most favorite clothing item in the wardrobe. This conclusion was made by the British sociologists.


Women over 50 have named plain jeans their favorite garment. Only 1% of this age group considered underwear the most favorite part of the wardrobe. Only 20% believe that boutiques satisfy their needs when choosing clothes, and every third woman feels pressure, which forces her to buy more youthful clothing items in large trade centers.

But overall, the women from the 50-plus age group choose comfort rather than style when selecting clothes. That is why women find that boutiques and fashion designers traditionally ignore their requests. Meanwhile, women over 50 are the most powerful group of consumers in the UK, which is a very tempting market for the fashion industry, whose annual income is estimated at 6.7 billion pounds.

When the researchers asked the women what part of the body gave them the largest number of negative emotions, their belly happened to be at the top of the list, as pointed out by 64% of the respondents, followed by upper arms (35%) and hips (28%). Taking into account these data, it is not surprising that 57% of the surveyed women expressed their desire to lose weight.

While only 10% of the women were concerned about the appearance of age-related wrinkles, and as much as 77% excluded any form of cosmetic surgery for themselves. So most women perceive aging as a normal process.