How to Wear a Poncho?

Poncho is the brightest representative of such a complex fashion category as ethnic clothing.

Stylish poncho

On the one hand, poncho, indeed, has a bright “ethnic” character. This item of outerwear was invented by American Indians before the arrival of the conquering Spaniards. On the other hand, in a few years poncho has won quite a decent place in fashion wardrobe and now competes with other types of outerwear – especially in the collections of fashion designers.

The Poncho History

The modern poncho history begins in the mid-nineteenth century. During the American Civil War poncho was a kind of the official Union Army “uniform”. It is funny, but for nearly a century poncho remained only a peculiar type of a military uniform. American soldiers wore a poncho made of rubberized waterproof fabric. It protected not only the soldier, but also his outfit from rain during the Spanish-American war of the late 19th century, and even in the era of World War II. The benefits of poncho were highly evaluated in other countries, as well. During World War II Wehrmacht (the German army) began to wear Zeltbahn – ponchos that also served as a basis for a tent. Four ponchos were required to install one tent for four soldiers.

How to wear poncho with trousers

Poncho as a Fashion Item

Just when the era of wars was over, the “military” history of ponchos ended, too. Another story began – a story, in which poncho gradually, starting from the late sixties and early seventies, has become a fashionable wardrobe addition for cool weather. It is not clear whose idea was it to make poncho a stylish alternative to other types of outerwear, but for several years already poncho has been constantly featured in the collections of famous fashion designers.

Poncho and skirts

Poncho in Winter 2012

Out of a simple piece of clothing, most resembling a small blanket folded in half with a cut for neck, poncho has gradually turned into a really stylish article of clothing. Long and short, plain or with colorful ethnic prints, made of light fabric or warm fur-trimmed wool – ponchos of various styles have an important place in the designer collections of the winter 2012 season.

Poncho with fur

Tips on Wearing a Poncho the Stylish Way

One of the key trends of the winter 2012 season is a luxurious fur-trimmed poncho. Due to the beauty of the fluffy fur, even the simplest item of outer clothing, such as a poncho, turns into something amazingly beautiful. A great example is a poncho from the Gucci winter 2012 collection. Its design combines the beauty of natural fur with interesting patterns and cozy warm neutral-coloured wool.

Trendy poncho with fur

Wearing Poncho with Jeans

You can wear a poncho practically with anything you want, but the most advantageous options are the ones where the bulkiness of a poncho is balanced with narrowed trousers, jeans or a skirt. For a poncho not to violate the proportions of your body, it is best to wear it with jeans, slightly narrowed or straight pants, at least in everyday life.

Poncho and jeans

Trendy Poncho Prints

This combination will always look stylish, regardless of the fact whether a poncho is short or long. A particularly interesting and non-trivial version is a poncho with elements of ethnic style: a fringe, typical geometric patterns, and tassels.

Ethnic poncho

Wearing Poncho and Mini-Skirt

However, a poncho can be worn over a dress or a skirt ensemble. The main thing is to find the proper shoes. A combination of a mini-skirt or a short dress with a poncho, which is long enough to cover the hips, and high boots looks very stylish and a bit provocative.

Poncho and boots

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