A Walk Prevents You from Eating a Dessert

Professor Adrian Taylor of the University of Exeter found out that moderate physical activity, such as a 15-minute walk, allows us to reduce up to 50% in the consumption of chocolate.

Physical activity instead of chocolate

For many of us snacks is the way of coping with stress or boredom at work. Strolling helps to overcome this habit.

This statement has been confirmed by an experiment: 78 people who regularly ate chocolate at work received a number of tasks. People who walked to work ate about 15 grams of chocolate. The people who were deprived of exercise ate 28 grams in average. The difference in the complexity of tasks did not affect the amount of the consumed chocolate.

Earlier, the professor and her colleagues had proved that exercise can reduce the craving for chocolate.

The conclusion is as follows: in order not to overeat sweets, try walking in the fresh air, and the desire to eat a dessert will disappear!

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