How to Shine with a Sporty Chic Look in 2021

Sporty style has shot out to popularity a couple of years ago and it’s only growing trendier since then. The style itself is also evolving as fashion designers add their unique twists to traditional sports clothing and accessories. All in all, today you can definitely wear sporty clothes to a variety of events, including formal ones. What used to be gym wear is now seen at runways and even some red-carpet parties. There is also the so-called “sporty chic” style that combines the comfort of sports clothing with the elegance of classic designs. If this is what you are interested in, the following tips will help you look stylish, sporty, and elegant all at the same time.

Hoodie is your best friend

Nothing says sporty like a hoodie and it’s also a very comfy piece of clothing to boot. But most importantly, hoodies are available in a great variety of designs today. Whether you prefer it to be form-fitting with some elegant print or an oversize sports brand piece, you’ll be able to find a perfect item.

For the sporty chic look, you’ll need to look for fitted hoodies. The designs should also be simple, like stripes and other classic patterns. Dark colors will look best for this look. Note that in this style you can wear something over the hoodie, like a puffer vest or even a jumper that complements the hoodie pattern design.

It’s all in the details

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Embracing the sporty-chic style doesn’t mean that you have to wear sporty clothing only. In fact, the very basis of this style is to learn how to combine elegant classic with sportswear. This means that you need to focus more on building a casual elegant wardrobe with sporty accents. Those details should include both accessories and clothing pieces.

Accessories will be your most efficient tool for designing a beautiful sporty chic look. This is because today you can find accessories specifically designed to be sporty but elegant. You can create this kind of look can’t with an elegant Chrono Heir watch, which is sporty yet extremely different from clunky electronic sports watches. With these accessories, you are hinting at your sports activities without overdoing it. Details like this can help you hint at various types of sports, for example, a vest for a golf look, a cap for a baseball fan, sneakers for basketball, etc.

Caps and hats, in particular, are a must-have for a sporty chic look. You can choose from a great variety of baseball caps, beanies, baker boy caps, and trucker hats. These will not only help make any casual look more sporty. They can also be your salvation on a bad hair day or when you oversleep.

Grow your collection of jeans

The best pants for the sporty chic look are jeans. Therefore, you’ll need to go all out with the variety of those in your wardrobe. Remember that fitting is always best for any chic look.

The trick for a sporty style is that your jeans should have some stretch to them. Note that they can also have small details like artful rips or patterns. However, those shouldn’t be too bold. Dark-colored jeans will work as well as classic blue models. It’s mostly your choice of outerwear and top that will define your outfit as sporty.

Play around with fabrics and textures

Today your clothing can hint at a sporty style and feature classic designs at the same time. All you need to do is to choose the right fabric for it. For example, classic polo shirts done in technical fabrics hint at a sports competition as opposed to a classic look. This kind of fashion trick will be a good choice for those who work in more formal environments.

Modern technical fabrics can tell a story of your favorite sport and fit with regular office wear. For example, wear some neoprene piece if swimming is your passion.

Also, don’t forget the power of patterns. Racing stripes on slacks or a pencil skirt done in camo all fall into the sporty-chic style. Graphic tees and hoodies and timeless letterman jackets are all great tools for showing off your inner sports lover at any event or within the office. The only rule you need to remember when building this kind of look for you is to combine practicality with function.

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