How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Everyone knows that the engagement is an essential moment in any relationship. Not only is it a magical occasion to celebrate love and commitment, but it’s also a great opportunity to show each other how strong your love is. For this reason, the ring can make or break any marriage proposal in a matter of seconds.

What You Need to Know

If selected correctly, an engagement ring can set the tone for your life as a couple for the rest of your lives. Therefore, the choice needs to be well thought out and tailored to your partner’s specific taste. Here are the five indispensable notions that you need to master and thoroughly plan out before venturing towards the purchase.


When you set out on the search for the perfect engagement ring to crown one of the most beautiful and important moments in any couple’s life, the budget is essential. Thus, you need to establish yours right off the bat. Of course, going all out for your significant other is an ideal scenario, but you will have to avoid going bankrupt in the process.

If you can’t afford to spend over ten thousand dollars for this purpose, you need to find viable alternatives. For example, Costco sells Tiffany rings as well, which can provide you with a budget-friendly option that is still chic and elegant. It won’t be too cheap either, but at least you can find something exquisite under the ten-grand price point.


After you’ve got the financial side all figured out, it’s time to choose the perfect style. To do this, you will need to consider the four C’s of a diamond engagement ring, with the first one being its cut. This doesn’t necessarily refer to its shape, but rather the way in which it has been chiseled to achieve maximum sparkle levels.

Nevertheless, this will also grant the diamond a specific shape. The most well-known designs are the round, oval, pear and princess cut. Other popular types include the marquise, the cushion, the radiant and the heart. Depending on what suits your partner’s aesthetic sensibilities best, you will have to choose one of these.


The second essential trait that needs to be considered when choosing an engagement ring is the color of the diamond on it. Depending on what you go for, the end result can be classy, edgy or romantic. According to Vogue, diamond colors are graded on a scale ranging from D to Z, namely from colorless to light yellow.

The spectrum includes classic options such as blue or pink, but more unusual chromatics such as red or green are also possible. Colorless diamonds are the most sought after because they embody the quintessential precious stone. However, the options are plentiful. Regardless of what your partner’s jewelry preferences are, you are bound to find something suitable.

For example, imagine a heart-shaped pink diamond wrapped around your girly significant other’s finger. On the other hand, picture a fiery red pear cut for your temperamental and hot-blooded lady. Sounds fitting, doesn’t it? This just goes to show that how you combine stylistic elements can make all the difference in the world.


Although the style is important, at the end of the day a diamond’s quality always should be your number one focus. For this reason, you need to be knowledgeable about concepts such as clarity, for example. It is measured by grades which reflect the number of imperfections that a particular stone presents.

The highest possible one is FL, which is used to describe a diamond which is both internally and externally flawless. Next in the hierarchy is IF, which is used for stones that are just internally flawless. Then follow VVS, VS, and SI, which refer to varying numbers of inclusions present in the structure of the rock.

Needless to say, diamonds ranked as FL will be considerably more expensive than VS or SI ones. But unless you’re adamant about this, the untrained eye is unable to tell if a stone is flawed on the inside. Therefore, you can save some money and purchase an engagement ring whose precious stone has a few imperfections. After all, that’s what makes each one unique.


Last, but certainly not least, when it comes to diamonds it’s safe to state that size does indeed matter. Thus, the number of carats one has should interest you. At the end of the day, the average person wants a rock that stands out in size, not the rarity of color or clarity grading. Therefore, focus on this aspect more when making your purchase.
This will naturally vary according to how flashy or quaint your significant other tends to be. Someone who appreciates bling will surely fall in love with a hefty stone, but if your partner is more toned-down, getting them a diamond with a smaller carat count is a safe bet. In the end, it all depends on finding what suits them best.

Final Thoughts

When choosing an engagement ring to mark your special moment alongside your special someone, it’s important to be wise about. Establish your budget first, then look into the most relevant concepts that determine the style and value of a diamond. Only by being informed will you manage to take the best decision.

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