Furs from Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi


Fur was the centerpiece of Fendi collection shown in Milan last Friday. Karl Lagerfeld, who’s been collaborating with Italian brand for several years now, used necklets and boas, fox fur vests and ritzy weasel fur coats, entertaining spectators at the Milan Fashion Week with a splendidly noble European woman.

Furs from Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi

Noble features got accentuated not only by using beautiful fur details but also a distinctive silhouette as Karl Lagerfeld replaced sensual Fendi style with the look more intelligent and romantic.

Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi 2010

One of the most important elements in Fendi collection were vests made of fur or tweed, completing the look of urban daydreamer teasingly wrapped up in her fur bolero as she walks down the sun-kissed streets of Rome in autumn.

Karl Lagerfeld Furs Collection for Fendi

Lagerfeld opted for warm colors, varying from coffee to mustard, creamy to graphite, and from deep blue to metallic glossy black.

Fendi Furs from Karl Lagerfeld

Fendi Furs Collection 2010

Fendi Milan Fashion Week 2010

Fendi Furs Collection Milan Fashion Week

Fendi Collection Milan Fashion Week 2010

Source of the images: littleredbook-thatshaute.blogspot.com.