BIORESTORE Retergent Restores Your Clothes to New

How often do you have to discard clothes because they are worn out or pilling? When our favorite things lose their best appearance, we are forced to refuse to wear them in public.

However, there are many ways to restore your clothes. For example, there are special machines to get rid of pellets. If they do not suit you, you can use the good old razor, scissors, or other cutting objects that you have at hand.

In case of stains, we are accustomed to using different detergents. However, all of this can lead to the fact that the clothes will be damaged irretrievably.

BIORESTORE, which specializes in the restoration of clothes, has similar thoughts. The specialists from the company are doing this to reduce waste from the clothing industry (an average person wears clothes five times before throwing them away).

All in all, the company has been investigating how all the favorite traditional methods deal with restoring things. In the end, it turned out that none of them really copes with restoring clothes to the expected degree of “a newly purchased item.”

As a result, the specialists decided to create a product that could cope with the restoration of things to the level of those sold in stores. The tool is called a retergent.

It removes pellets, lint and even protruding fluff. In addition to everything else, it intensifies the color after one wash. If your favorite T-shirt has become gray instead of black, it is quite possible to use this tool.

The product is designed for washing machines. It works as follows: it restores the protruding flaws on the clothes by ruining their connection with the clothing item.

After that, everything else is done by the centrifugal force of the machine.

The miracle remedy cannot be bought in stores. It is sold only on Kickstarter. At the same time, the startup has already collected three times more money than it should have. Therefore, most likely, it will soon appear in the mass sale. Then it will be possible to order the machine in the USA on various platforms.

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