Barbie as Jewelry


Jewelry designer Margaux Lange made Barbie doll a major inspiration for her unusual jewelry.  By decomposing innocent dolls, the designer converted them into unparalleled bracelets, earrings and pendants.

Jewelry Barbie

Plastic body parts actually became the highlights of all accessories. The famous Barbie’s smile embellishes pendants. Her plastic little shoes are encrusted into cocktail rings. Little hands hang from bracelets on both sides, while the head of Barbie’s inevitable friend Ken metamorphosed into earrings. Lange’s jewelry looks really cute and quite unmatched, and, as the designer puts it, must be taken a bit ironically. But, probably, a little girl receiving a bracelet of decomposed Barbie for a gift will be disappointed.

Jewelry Margaux Lange

Barbie Margaux Lange

Jewelry Barbie Margaux Lange

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