Alternative Stones for Engagement Rings

Nowadays the prevalent idea for an engagement ring for the girl who stole your heart is one adorned with pale diamonds. Undoubtedly, it looks truly awesome. But you know the way with fashion – very soon two things happen. First, you find that these rings get more than just expensive – they become exorbitant. Second, as people rush to buy white diamond rings, girls start to get about the same kind of rings as their BFFs do – and that gets a bit boring! So if you mean your engagement ring to be a real surprise and wonder, both for your chosen one and her friends/relatives, be a little more ingenious and try your luck (and wallet) with alternative ideas. Like what?

Black Diamond Rings

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Like, say, black diamond engagement rings. A mite less costly, they don’t look a dollar less impressive. You are more likely to come up with a striking and deadly elegant affair that is guaranteed to cause a mild sensation! With a splash of ruby or purple diamonds around it will be downright marvelous, and you will be catching your girl stealing a look at it every ten minutes.

Tanzanite Engagement Rings

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Have you thought of a ring displaying tanzanite? For those who know, it is a much rarer stone than a mere diamond and belongs with the most popular gems on the market. So, if your wonderful lady favors blue and likes to be treated with distinction, she may be awed at the precision of your choice until its source runs dry.

Morganite Engagement Rings

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Now, a morganite engagement affair is growing fast and could be outreaching white diamonds in popularity soon. You are likely to be forestalled with a present like that. Morganite is universally regarded as feminine and captivating with its magnificent range of pink hues. It is never dark, ever beautiful and clear. Another thing is its price varies greatly, so you can be impressive and make a bargain simultaneously.

Aquamarine Engagement Rings

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A lot of women have been finding aquamarine a charming stone since time immemorial with its pure shades and sea-reminiscent colors. Although it is but a semiprecious gem, it still is one of the happiest choices for an engagement ring, because it looks foudroyant and, consequently, very expensive. Besides, it is believed to be a lucky one, promising excellent health and protection from foes.

More Than a Ring

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A good idea is to purchase a ring and a band at the same time. A platinum wedding band can make an excellent setting for your choice of a stone, giving your black diamond a chance to appear a totally unique affair. What’s more, experts will tell you that when you get a platinum band, it contains more platinum than a gold band contains gold.

How to Choose the Perfect Ring?

When picking your stone, keep in mind the 4Cs principle: the gem must be well-cut, be of unblemished clarity, boast a pleasant color – and, of course, you buy them by karat. Once you’ve made sure that you got a glorious stone and a fitting band, you cannot fail to strike the right note when the happy moment arrives.

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