6 Tips How to Hide Your Tummy with Clothes


Many women dream of a flat tummy. If you do not have one and you want to hide your tummy with clothes, there are lots of tricks.

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  1. For example, choose free and straight cut at the waist, and you will not only distract attention from the tummy, but will be much more confident and relaxed in the gestures and manners.
  2. The second method of visual tummy control is trapezoid-shape dresses and jackets that will emphasize your breast without fitting close to the tummy. Low necklines perfectly allow distracting attention from the roundness at the waist.
  3. The third secret of tummy camouflage is the right choice of color. Give preference to dark tones: black, dark gray, khaki, dark blue and garnet red. The main thing is to never wear more than 3 colors in one image, or you will be visually plump.
  4. The fourth method of dealing with the tummy is the right choice of fabric. It can be only fine flowing material. It is also important to create a visual vertical line from the folds of thin tissue down the center of the silhouette – it will detract not only from an oversized tummy, but from full hips or a wide chest as well.
  5. The fifth secret is special concealing accessories. And first of all, these are slimming-effect tights. All colors and any density. Beige can be worn even in spring and autumn with thin silk dresses. Another important accessory to fight a tummy is the belt that makes the waist thinner and diverts attention from the roundness, especially when it is slightly weakened and falls asymmetrically on one side.
  6. The sixth secret is not about what to choose, but what to avoid. You should avoid short jackets, clothing layered at waist level, large logo T-shirts, very large and flashy patterns on fabrics and heavy fabrics like denim or leather. Long unbuttoned jacket is the most effective way to hide the belly and hips aesthetically. In order not to look like your grandmother in such a jacket, it’s better to wear it with high heels. Excellent anti-belly effect is also provided by large and long tunics and wide spacious skirts.