5 Reasons You Don’t Look Stylish

We will tell you why it is not always good to follow trends, and we will analyze the five most common fashion stereotypes that prevent us from looking our best.

We have to make choices every day. We open the closet and think about exactly how we want to look today and what impression we want to make on others. However, in the process of finding our style, we often make mistakes. We want to look attractive, so we start to create something different and unusual, and we cannot stop. “I can add something here and there, and I can wear a necklace…” And then it is all dimmed. We decided to have a look at five main mistakes that prevent many people from looking stylish.

1. Having too many colors in the look is not stylish

It seems that red, blue and green suit you. In fact, the outfit becomes too bright and catchy. You should not use more than 3-4 colors in an image if you are just learning how to combine them. Accordingly, it is better to choose colors that are not favoite, but suitable for each other.

2. Copy the style of a famous fashion blogger

Why reinvent the wheel when you can just replicate someone’s image?! On Instagram, thousands of stylish girls share their experiences. It would seem that you can wear the same clothes and look stylish. When you think so, you need to stop!

Things must emphasize your figure to your advantage and fit you ideally. You are not a stereotyped woman from the social network shot from a certain angle.

3. Buy all 20 spring trends to look stylish

Every season, fashionable publications prepare educational programs covering the trends for the coming months. You can fail if you blindly follow the advice from magazines. This does not guarantee victory, and trends may not match at all in style. In this case, you will definitely lose.

4. Wear only well-known brands

This is not the case! A “brand” is not always equal to “style”, and the trend towards logomania has already become associated with bad manners. So take your time and seek help from a professional stylist. He will tell you which brands’ philosophy meets your needs and will select suitable images.

5. Too many accessories

Decorations are good, but they must also be selected with taste. Besides, you shouldn’t wear everything from one set. It is enough to choose earrings and a bracelet or a necklace and a ring, depending on what your current look demands.

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