5 Black Clothing Items Every Woman Must Have

Every now and then, black color is either very popular or slightly loses its standing. Yet, this color can not be completely removed from one’s wardrobe. Most women know this rule. Black can be part of an outfit for a special event, daily tasks, a business event, or even a cozy home outfit.

Black mini dress

There are at least five black clothing items, which must be part of any woman’s wardrobe regardless of the time of the year, the size of her wallet, her age and marital status.

  1. Black Blazer
  2. From a long velvet blazer to a short leather one, from bolero to double-breasted coat – this item will overwhelm by its universality.

  3. Black Boots
  4. The so-called Oxford shoes are an absolute necessity for any woman, since they can complete any image and provide a stylish and modern touch.

  5. Black Turtleneck
  6. There is probably no need to convince you about the value of a black turtleneck. This is a truly universal item. It works for any occasion. It always perfectly highlights any woman’s figure. Moreover, it is warm and comfortable, which is particularly important feature in winter.

  7. Black mini-dress
  8. Ah, the little black dress, how could we possibly miss this item?

  9. Black tights or stockings
  10. Black tights or stocking will keep you warm and comfortable. They make excellent match with an office outfit. In addition, they will visually make your legs skinner and longer.

By owning those items you will no longer be stressed out and feverishly change outfits trying to find the right one for a particular occasion. Moreover, those items practically always work with any type of clothing. So, wear black and look fabulous!

Source of the image: 1-prom.