2000s Fashion Trends That Are Fortunately Not Back

The noughties rule fashion again! We remember the strange trends that the stars adored. And we hope they will never come back.

Low waist

The main trend of the 2000s is the lowest possible waist. These are the jeans you can hardly sit down in. It is scary to even stand in them because any movement can expose the intimate parts of the body.

Celebrities wore low-waist trousers even on red carpets (really, who needs fancy dresses?) The most daring ones showed not only naked thighs but also bright underwear. Hollywood starlets complemented jeans with stiletto sandals, small handbags and massive belts, but this fashion quickly went popular.

It often looked quite ridiculous.

Barbie Look

The Hilton girls’ style in the 2000s is a separate art form. Tons of self-tanning and snow-white hair dye, hairpins, pink extravaganza, ruffles and, of course, rhinestones, rhinestones, rhinestones…

Socialite divas Paris and Nikki Hilton went to almost all parties together or accompanied by their small dogs. No one knew why they were famous and what they did, but everyone wanted to be like them: rich, carefree and so similar to the living Barbies.

The trend was so popular and so loud that pink total looks today are considered a reference to the noughties rather than independent monochrome images. A dozen years later, we stop being careful with colour and carefully add it to our wardrobe.

Massive skirts

The first thing I want to say before describing the next trend of the 2000s: massive denim skirts to the floor simply should not exist. Such clothes do not make anyone more beautiful – this is a fact.

Alas, the fashion of the 2000s is merciless. Celebrities (remember: there were no bloggers yet) cared little about common sense and their reflection in the mirror and happily wore these strange clothes even on the red carpet. As a result, other women of fashion picked up the trend. Such skirts were called gipsy skirts, and they symbolized originality and freedom.

Dresses and pants

Yes, yes, this trend has been in fashion for several seasons, but in a completely different interpretation. Just a dozen years ago, everything was different. Massive pants were combined with short tunics, and it looked as bad as possible (at least from the viewpoint of 2020. Of course, women of the noughties would hardly understand our indignation).

Satin draperies

One of the main trends this year is satin nightie dresses in lingerie style. In fact, there is nothing wrong with satin fabrics. But what the Hollywood beauties wore 20 years ago hardly has anything to do with style.

Draped dresses made of thin satin fabrics (not silk!) were complemented by nets, sequins, rhinestones, lace and everything that a designer could think of, and decorated both the red carpet and the prom in the middle of nowhere.

Lingerie for show

In the 2000s, the stars revealed not only thongs from under their low jeans, but also bras. Those were not some pretty bodices that make up an integral set with the rest of the clothes, but the most ordinary lace bras.

Many women of fashion bought lingerie for open display. At the same time, the fine line separating the concepts of “vulgar” and “stylish” was almost always mercilessly erased.