Woman’s Body Beauty Idea Transformation throughout History

We are constantly arguing about how our bodies should look. We are told that we must love ourselves for who we are; we are told that we are beautiful. But the media continue to feed our brain with the images of models and celebrities that shape our understanding of what society considers beautiful.


The idea that there is an “ideal” body type is not new. For thousands of years, each society has had its own version of physical perfection, and they were all very different from each other. This tells us that the ideals of beauty are fleeting, and we should not get caught in this trap.

To emphasize the change in the female ideal of beauty, BuzzFeed has released a video showing how the representation of the ideal female body has been changing, depending on the type of society and its standards of beauty. It is very interesting to see how one woman is transformed into another, how wide hips can be considered ideal in one society and undesirable in another.

While plump women with large breasts inspired artists in ancient Greece and during the Italian Renaissance, smaller forms were popular during the Han Dynasty. In the 1920-s, beauty meant lack of rounded forms. Ten years later, in the Golden Age of Hollywood, fashion introduced sensual curves and narrow waistline (remember Marilyn). Later, androgynous ‘heroin chic’ of the 1990-s gave way to slim figures with big breasts and buttocks.

It is needless to say that you should not get obsessed with reaching the ‘ideal’ body at the moment. Flared pants and high socks will continue to come into and out of fashion, just as the standards of beauty.

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